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London Vice

From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 85 02:25:15 est
Subject: London Vice

> [Sue:] Kate confesses in MUSICIAN magazine that she gets drunk before
> recording some of her vocal performances!!!  She was a little sussed
> while singing "The Big Sky," and very drunk while recording either
> "Waking the Witch" or "Jig of Life" (can't remember which she
> mentioned).

And a couple years ago Kate said she didn't like alcohol.  Gee, she
drinks, smokes, tokes, and is addicted to Kit Kats.  Who knows what's
next?  Already she's singing about poppies and cutting little lines....
And she probably doesn't get enough complete protein and trace elements
because of a vegetarian diet.  Oh well, live fast, die young, and put
out a bunch of wonderful albums, Kate!

			Sport death,