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Re: kb rarities ...

From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 85 23:13:42 est
Subject: Re: kb rarities ...

> From: Jim Hofmann <hofmann@AMSAA.ARPA>

> recently while christmas shopping I came across this k bush stuff.

> A bootleg (?) from the Tawian Fan club.

There are two bootlegs from the Fan Club of Taiwan that I know of.  One is
called "Paris 1979" and has some stuff taken from a recording made on a
cheap hand-held tape-recorder of one of her 1979 concerts.  It has an
early danceable (!) version of "Egypt" on it, that is so different from
the version of "Never For Ever" that it's really wild to hear.  I wish I
could get a high fidelity copy of this version of the song.

The other Fan Club of Taiwan album is a double album.  It is called
"Kate Bush Live in Europe 79 & 80".  One record is the soundtrack to the
"Kate Bush Live at the Hammersmith Odeon" video tape, and the other
album is the soundtrack to the hour long Christmas special called "Kate"
that she did in 79.  The Christmas special, besides having some somewhat
different versions of some of her early album songs, as well as videos
for Egypt, Ran Tan Waltz, The Wedding List, etc., also has a duet of
Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel singing Roy Harper's "Another Day" and a
short little song for three acappela voices (that people call "The Angel
Gabriel") to introduce Peter Gabriel's "Here Comes The Flood".

> A Kate Bush Christmas album??????

I've never seen this?  It must be a bootleg.  Does it look like a
bootleg?  It's probably also the soundtrack to the "Kate" TV special.

There is a real Kate Bush Christmas *single*, though.  It's from 1980 and
is called "December Will Be Magic Again".  It's a *wonderful* song!

			"Oooh, and see how I fall"