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question about "Mother Stands for Comfort"

From: tsung@aero
Date: 13 Dec 85 15:36:57 PST (Fri)
Subject: question about "Mother Stands for Comfort"
Posted-Date: 13 Dec 85 15:36:57 PST (Fri)

On my nth listening to HoL, the song "Mother Stands For Comfort" again
sent chills up my spine.  If this is really a love song to Mother, then
why does the arrangement give such a . . . haunted/chilling atmosphere
to the song?  For me, it conjures up an image of a huge house with an
overpowering mother figure about to beat up little-girl-Kate in the
corner shaking with fear.  First time I heard the song (without paying
attention to the rest of the lyrics), I thought Kate was being sarcastic,
what with the title verse sung repeatedly aginst the background, plus that 
at one point she goes " . . . make me do this, make me do that . . ."

So what do you experienced KBologists think?  Do I have an association