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Jer's leaving ..

From: hound!hejira
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 85 14:00:53 est
Subject: Jer's leaving ..

Sorry you have to leave jer...  I have another idea:

How about posting love-hounds.digest to  This would be a lot less
painful for those maniacs who can't seem to reach the "n" key on their 
keyboards (than reading all love-hound messages individually).  Doug would
--no doubt-- be FLAMED constantly for either approach, but he seems to be 
thick-skinned enough to withstand it.

Another idea might be to send the digest in a compressed form each day and 
allow each reader to expand it.  Are other people having problems?

	- Rob Preston	<ihnp4!hound!hejira   -- AT&T Bell Labs>

	"The watchful ones among the slaves 
	 Know that all that's genuine will be 
	 Scorned and Conned and cast away."     (Joni)