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Request For Deletion; Revolutionary Idea

From: "J. Eric Roskos" <think!harvard!topaz!peora!jer>
Date: 05 Dec 85 16:40:09 EST (Thu)
Subject: Request For Deletion; Revolutionary Idea

Due to the need to reduce our telephone costs, our management has asked that
I not receive love-hounds any more.  Thus I (regrettably) have to request
that I be removed from the list.  (The problem is that it all comes in
in uncompressed form, whereas our news is all compressed, giving a 50-60%
time reduction.)

I recently thought of an idea for how to artificially partition newsgroups
into subgroups when the Usenet Administration won't do it, which might be
useful for continuing love-hounds discussions, if this problem becomes
widespread.  It has the disadvantage that non-participants must read the
items, but then, that's exactly what the Administrators say is required in
order for the subgroup to be created: enough people complaining that a
subgroup is needed.

When the news comes in, it all comes in in one stream, and then is put in
subdirectories based on the newsgroup field of the message header.  Well,
you can artifically partition it further by using one of the subfields,
putting in some unique keyword, such as "Kate Bush", in the Keywords: field.

That's just an idea...

Well, I've enjoyed discussing it all with you...
							-- jer