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Printed books on Kate are numerous, more details about and corrections to these books are available in the archives:

Kate Bush Biography (2005):

           An unauthorized biography.
           Piatkus Books, ISBN 0.7499.5049.8




Waiting For Kate Bush (2004):

           Fiction book about a Kate Bush fan with also a biography and overview of Kate's career interwoven in the story.
           Omnibus Press, ISBN 0.8444.9489.6




Kate Bush - A Visual Documentary (1988):

Probably the best liked book overall.
Omnibus Press, ISBN 0.7119.1039.1, Order No: OP44122


Kate Bush Complete (1987):

"Official" book containing the sheet music to all of Kate's songs up to 1986. Also contains separate lyrics, a great chronology, many photos, and a discography.
EMI Music Publishing, ISBN 0 86175 413 1, Order Ref: 14305


Cathy (1986):

Book of photos of Kate as a child, by her brother, John Carter Bush. No longer available. :-(


The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Kate Bush (1991):

Book with details and pictures of all kinds of Kate Kollectibles, fun even for non-collectors. To order send $13.95 to

PO BOX 8456
Phone 1-813-461-4327.

C-SIDE is also a good place to get all kinds of Kate stuff, be sure to get on their mailing list.
Collector's Guide Publishing, ISBN 0-9695736-0-X


Kate Bush - The Whole Story (1988):

Despite appearances, not a sanctioned book, and certainly not the whole story. Positive, but contains numerous factual and publishing errors. For "The Whole Story" on this book, see Andrew Marvick's review in the archives.
Sidgwick & Jackson, ISBN 0-283-99721-4


Kate Bush - The First Twelve Years (1992):

Homeground says: is another collection of newspaper and magazine cutting covering the years from 1978 in two volumes selling for about L12-00 in Britain and L15 postpaid to America. Details can be obtained via the fanzine Never For Ever. [See below]


Kate Bush - With Love (1988):

Reprints of Kate-related articles, interviews, and reviews, some positive, some negative. Interesting mainly to see how the music press has reacted to Kate over the years.


Secret History of Kate Bush (And The Strange Art Of Pop) (1983):

Intellectual (as opposed to intelligent) book abut Kate's family history, story, and fans. Commonly available, but only recommend for the photos.
Omnibus Press, ISBN 0.7119.0152.X, UK Order No. OP 42035


Kate Bush: Princess of Suburbia by Fred and Judy Vermorel (1980?):

Not so good. Hard to find.


Kate Bush: An Illustrated Biography (1980) by Paul Kerton:

Positive but error-prone book. Hard to find.
Proteus Publishing Ltd., ISBN 0 0906071 22 4
Was also available in German (1981).
Bastei Luebbe, ISBN 3-404-60050-9


Moving -- A collection of poems (1993, issued on March 16)

This Japanese book is in A5 size, has 256 pages, lyrics of 79 of Kate's songs with English original and Japanese translation, a discography up to the TWW box and a few photos (only the cover pic feat. Kate). It's said to be based on Kate Bush Complete. [YS]
Shinko Music Publishing, ISBN 4-401-61329-5, 2,400 yen

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