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Hounds of Love


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Hounds of Love:

The beginning ("It's in the trees! It's coming!") is from the 1957 UK horror movie "Night of the Demon" (US title: "Curse Of The Demon", original title: "Casting The Runes"), though Kate re-recorded the bit, because she couldn't get enough quality from the original.


Cover of The Book of Dreams

This is based on Peter Reich's book "A Book Of Dreams" (you can see this book in the video, in Donald Sutherland's pocket). Peter writes about his experience in his youth, when Wilhelm Reich (his father) got problems with the government due to his questionable actions as a scientist. Wilhelm got arrested and died while in prison, and this experience later made the then-9-years-old Peter write "A Book Of Dreams". Wilhelm was arrested for refusing to appear at an arrangement hearing that resulted from a lawsuit by the American FDA for selling his "orgone energy accumulators" across state lines. The FDA said it was quackery to sell these boxes made of aluminum and wood as therapeutic devices; Reich insisted it was serious science and refused to have anything to do with these "spurious" legal restrictions on his research and therapy. Of course, he was quite mad by then - this was nearly a decade after he claimed that orgone energy was not simply the libidinal buildup that resulted from a lack of proper sexual release, but was also the substance out of which the whole universe was formed. Interestingly, several well-known people, including Norman Mailer, had orgone accumulators. More about Wilhelm Reich can be found in the file ftp://ftp.uu.net/usenet/rec.music.gaffa/kb/reich or at the website of the Wilhelm Reich Museum at http://www.wilhelmreichmuseum.org/. [part of this is from JAC (see credits section)]

There is no such thing as a song called Cloudbursting (regard the spelling), and there is no remix of Cloudbusting called The Meteorological Mix, despite of what EMI America wants to tell us. EMI UK isn't really better, for the real spelling of what the world knows as the Organon Mix should have been Orgonon Mix (Orgonon was the name of Reich's home/center in Maine, Orgone energy was Reich's subject of studies). [IED]

The song name comes from hunting clouds, not from breaking them, and the remix called Meteorological Mix is from The Big Sky. There are two remixes of Cloudbusting: The Orgonon Mix and the video version.

Hello Earth:

At the end of "Hello, Earth" the German words are: "Tiefer, tiefer, irgendwo in der Tiefe gibt es ein Licht" This means: "deeper, deeper, somewhere in the depth there is a light." They are not spoken by Kate, but by Gabi Zangerl, a friend of Kate.

The choir part of this song was inspired by Werner Herzog's film Nosferatu that features a very similar chant. Recently it became known that the chant originates from Georgia, it's a traditional lyrical song from Kakheti-Kartli, the easternmost region of the (former Soviet) Republic of Georgia, the area around Tbilisi, the capital.

The song is actually best transliterated as "tsintsqaro" (At the Spring, By the Source or At the Well), a boy meets girl love song. You might find this song, also spelled as Tshintsharo or Zinzgaro, on some CDs with traditional Georgian music (eg "The Marvels of Polyphony in Sakartvelo", CD Ethnic Sound Series #17, Victor, Japan 1987). [W, CHB]

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