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2. Questions about Kate's music


The Cathy Demos / The Studio Demos


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This area is divided into the different albums as well as a section for the home demo recordings and for miscellaneous tracks.

The lyrics for all of the songs can be found on both gaffa relevant ftp sites: ftp.uu.net and ftp.uwp.edu. They are too long to be cited here. The file


contains all lyrics up to The Sensual World and its singles, including all non-official songs and all non-official parts of the lyrics (backing vocals, spoken passages etc.)

Lyrics can also be found on the web at various sites, including:


Right now there are areas where I haven't found the time to say something. Feel free to contribute!

More information about most of the songs can be found in the archives, so sometimes I will only give a pointer to a long story if it is too long to be cited here in full.


        5.1. The Cathy Demos / The Studio Demos

Kate has never commented on any bootleg material, and so she hasn't said anything about these as bootlegs. But she has said plenty of things about these recordings - generally to the effect that there are about 200 or more of them (20-30 have been 'released' on bootlegs) and that they should remain buried and will never re-record any of them. The sound quality of all of them reminds of a boombox set to 'record' in a living room. Nevertheless most fans do LOVE these songs and would almost kill to hear the rest. The Experience Music Project reportedly has a white tape box as part of an exhibit labeled "Cathy Bush". Paul Allen is reportedly a Kate fan.

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