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The Kick Inside


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First something about the album itself. There are six completely different album covers for this album:

  1. UK (big eyeball and Kate on a kite)
  2. US (Country Western, Kate in a wooden box wearing red socks)
  3. Canada (Vogue picture, Kate holding her head with her hands, was also used for 1st US pressing)
  4. Japan (pink leotard picture)
  5. Yugoslavia (white dress picture)
  6. Uruguay (Kate's head only, technically a very low-quality picture)

The last two are quite difficult to find and everything but cheap, the others should be relatively easy to find and are also available as CDs.

Wuthering Heights

Kate's first hit and (until now) only British number one single is based on Emily Bronte's novel of the same name, though Kate first saw the old film of it and later read the book.

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