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6. The Archives


MUSHrooms influenced by Kate


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(MUSH is Multi-User Shared Hallucination.)

"Gaffaland" was set up by Stev0 in the Tinycwru MUSH. To access it, go to:

telnet tinycwru.chaco.com 4201

And once you're logged on, type: @tel #91468

at the prompt, to get to Gaffaland.

Once you're inside, you're in a Happy Rhodes-inspired room, but to get to the Kate room, go to the Artist Annex (where there are rooms for Kate, Tori, Sarah, etc.), then just type "Kate" to go to the Kate room (although you may want to look around first and also type HELP just so you can figure out what's happening).

Along with a Virtual Kate Paradise ("Gaffaland"), you can have real-time chat with your fellow Lovehounds! [SB]

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