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6. The Archives


How to do ftp?


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To use ftp directly you have to have direct access to the internet.

You connect by typing

ftp ftp.UU.NET [or: ftp]

Log in as "anonymous" or "ftp" and use your username as your password.

To change directories e.g. type

cd /usenet/rec.music.gaffa

Other commands are:

dir <dirname> [get a directory, <dirname> is optional, current if omitted]
get <filename> [get the requested file]
bin [set transfer to binary mode, this is needed for pictures and compressed files. Best is if you always do 'bin' first, so you don't forget]
bye [end the ftp session]


If you don't have FTP (file transfer ability) you can still get the files by using an FTP mail server run by DEC. You send it a list of commands and then it sends you the files as regular mail messages, so anyone who has the ability to send and receive private mail can use this. If a file is larger then 60k it will be send as more than one message.

If you want to GET binary files (GIF picture files, Wordperfect files, or anything that's not straight text) it will send you the files in a special text format called UUENCODED, you will need a program called UUDECODE for your computer to decode these. Note that this is not always the most reliable way of getting files, i.e. you may have to do it several times.

To start off using this, send a message to ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com, the first message should read simply HELP - don't bother with a subject line as these are ignored. You will be sent back the basic commands and some examples, read this carefully (as much as you are able to understand). Here are some specific examples for accessing the Love-Hounds archives, don't type the parts in brackets []. Note that when typing in file names, upper and lower case are important! Parts in <> have to replaced by something useful.

[There is another similar service that can be reached at bitftp@pucc.Princeton.edu - send a message with body HELP (subject isn't important), and you will receive instructions. This site seems to be faster than ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com]


--> Connect to the archives and get a directory of some of the main areas:

reply <your address> [this may or may not be needed on all messages for your system]
connect ftp.UU.NET [connect to the file archives]
chdir usenet/rec.music.gaffa/kb [change to the main area, only one CHDIR per session]

dir [get directory of main area]
dir garden [get directory of GARDEN files]
dir cloudbusting [get directory of Cloudbusting dirs]
dir pix [get dir of pix directories]

Note: The Garden is also on Gaffaweb, at http://www.gryphon.com/gaffa/garden/


--> Connect to the Cloudbusting section and get some text files:

reply <your address>
connect ftp.UU.NET
chdir usenet/rec.music.gaffa/kb/cloudbusting/text
[change to Cloudbusting subdirectory]
get cloud1a.txt [GET a file]
get cloud1b.txt [GET another file, only 10 at once]
get cloud1c.txt


--> Connect to the GARDEN section and get some GARDEN files:

reply <your address>
connect ftp.UU.NET
chdir usenet/rec.music.gaffa/kb/garden
[change to garden subdirectory]
get GARDEN01 [GET first GARDEN file]
get GARDEN02 [GET another file, only 10 at once]


--> Connect to pix.hill and get Love-Hounds picture:

reply <your address>
connect ftp.UU.NET
chdir usenet/rec.music.gaffa/kb/pix/pix.hill
uuencode [specify UUENCODE format]
binary [specify BINARY format]

If you can't FTP and you don't have the patience to figure all this out, the BBSes listed above offer the GIFs and many of the other files too.

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