Although the popular image of Kate Bush is often that of a recluse working in isolation, nothing could be further from the truth. Kate Bush is not a lone genius. Everyone involved in the construction of the Gaffaweb would assert that she is in fact a genius, but she is by no means alone. Kate has had the immense good fortune first to be inspired by the work of many other talented people, and then to inspire other talented people to work with her. Very few of us are so fortunate in our choice of personal obsessions, much less our life's work! A vast assortment of incredibly gifted individuals -- only a small portion of whom are listed in this section -- have been sympathetic to Kate's goals and aspirations over the years, and have helped to create the music which we have come to love so much. It is those people -- writers, filmmakers, dancers, artists and actors as well as musicians -- who have inspired this Dictionary, and they are the people it is truly about.

Oh, and there's stuff about the actual songs and albums and videos, too.

Gaffaweb Dictionary compiled and mostly written by Richard Bensam.

Additional material, fact-checking, and spiritual guidance by
Andrew Marvick (IED) and Ellen Van Neck
with further input and assistance from
Richard Caley, Erich Heineman, Kevin McAlea, Brenda Mings, Teri Reed, Scott Telford, Sean Twomey, Chris Williams
and all participants in Love-Hounds and whether they knew it or not.

"If I steal from one person, it is plagiarism; if I steal from two persons, it is research; and if I steal from everybody, it's a Dictionary!"

-- attributed to Samuel Johnson

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