KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

The Bothy Band

We move on now to someplace we've already been, in a sense, and that's ireland.

Yes! Now this is from the Bothy Band, and um...I think the thing about Irish music is that it's starting to break up, but there are only certain people that are becoming popular, like The Chieftains. And although they're really brilliant, there's such a wealth of Irish music and musicians in Ireland. Now one particular fiddle-player called Kevin Burke, who happens to be in the Bothy Band, was, again, on my album. He was on `` Violin:'' he was the mad fiddler. He's the most fantastic musician. He's really a lovely guy, too. And this track... I mean heavy metal - nothing! Just listen to this. It gets so funky, it's incredible -

What's it called?

- and it's so natural. It's called, um, ``Farewell to Erin."

[Part of this track is played.] (1980, Paul Gambichini BBC1)


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