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The Beatles

And you know her music does strike me in a way as rather beatlish. I mean, most rock artists work within one or another genre but usually tend to be limited by it. But, like the beatles, you're always able to flit around in different styles while yet remaining recognizably yourself. Also you're always musical, always dynamic, always very polished...

Del: Yes, exactly. And it's remarkable, too, because you were never really exposed to the beatles at the time.

Kate: Well, I take that as a ``great'' compliment. I think that, because I was too young to be caught up in beatlemania, then when I did hear them - and that wasn't perhaps till four or five years ago, I heard them objectively, if you like. And I was just so astounded by their musical quality, I mean, every track! And something like the ``walrus'' track, it's still so contemporary. I mean, there are very few people who are doing something really good. But apart from the sixties, when there was this huge wealth of stuff like motown and everything, it really does seem that you get just two or three who are fantastic. Occasionally you get great bursts of wonderful things, but not often. (1985, Musician)


*On the twentieth anniversary of the beatles' invasion, kate said she only became very interested in the beatles about four years ago. I'd always liked their singles but only really started listening to their albums a little while ago. I think they are a great influence on any writer, the quality of their work is something, I feel, every composer aspires to. (1984, Pulse!)


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