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Songs (Leftover)

Is there quite a lot of stuff which you begin recording but which you abort and dump half way through?

That's not happened much. There's only been stuff dumped on Lionheart and Never for Ever, the second and third albums, and I prefer to think resting rather than ``dumped'' Some of the stuff would be fun for a quick listen, perhaps, but not for much else. On the new album, there was actually quite a lot of stuff that didn't get on. But it was in a very embryonic sort of stage, or else I just felt it wasn't interesting enough, it was too ordinary. Although there were a couple of finished songs that nearly made it to the album but didn't. I just didn't feel they were strong enough. And the thing with The Ninth Wave, the second side, was I had the idea and wrote a first draft of it and, though I hadn't written all the material, it sounded like it would work. The hardest thing was making one song flow into the other one because creating dynamics in one song is very different from building it between seven songs. You have to sort of pace it very differently and yet hopefully you want it to keep interest and not have any boring bits. But then, by the second stage when things had already begun to be sort of sprinkled on the tracks, I realized there were certain songs that weren't working. The concept was very strong-minded and there were certain things that it certainly _didn'twant having done to it. So I had to totally re-think the thing and say like, ``Okay, look, this song has got to go.'' So, although we'd been working on it, it was still in really quite an embryonic stage and had no part of where it was. So the song would go, but maybe it can be used some time in the future.

Does it sometimes happen, then, that you resurrect songs years later, like perhaps any of those hundreds you wrote as a teenager?

Little bits. There was a little bit resurrected in `` Suspended in Gaffa'' on the last album. No, but this new album was, I think, all sort of contemporary, and little ideas that I'd put down on the Fairlight, which I'd thought might perhaps turn into something, then turned out perfect for a little bit in a song or whatever as the concept started taking more shape. (1985, Musician)


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