KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


You obviously believe in keeping yourself as healthy as you can through exercise and eating the correct foods, etc. But it puzzles me and others as to why you continue to smoke.

I can understand why it should surprise you, but unfortunately I am only human. (1984, KBC 16)


I think that people smoking is one of those tiny things that says a lot about human beings. I mean, I smoke and I enjoy it, but we smoke and we know it's dangerous. Maybe there's some kind of strange subconscious desire to damage ourselves. It would seem so if you looked back through history, wouldn't it? (1985, Keyboard)


It's such an awful thing to do, it's so obviously bad for us, but we gaily carry on. I've cut down a bit I can't kick the habit. (1989, You)


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