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Rumors About Kate

Is it true that you're going to make a film called the gold plated dream machine with the motorcycle stunt rider eddie kidd?

No, it isn't, and I've never even heard of it. You mustn't believe everything (or anything?) you read in the papers. Quite a lot of articles irritate me because of their inaccuracy. It would be so easy for a journalist to send me the copy of what they've written so I could check up on the facts - not of their opinion, which is their own business - but on the facts; and so far, not one has done so. Nearly every interview is distorted in some way. That's one of the reasons for starting this club, so that I can give you the genuine facts that you want to know. (1979, KBC 3)


*Is it true that you're doing a tv special in september and that your guest is to be roy harper?

[Laughs] no, no I don't know about that at all.

Where did he get that question from?

I don't know.

He just made it up.

But Roy is really great. Hey Roy, if you're out there. (1982, Unknown BBC interview)


*Is any truth in the rumor that kate is going to sing on a record, oh it's another one of these questions, is going to sing on a record with midge ure which trevor horn is producing?

Isn't that [??? Something]... someone else said that to me today and I haven't heard about it at all. Maybe someone should come and let me know. No, I don't know about it. (1982, Unknown BBC interview)


This is one of those rumours, which keeps appearing. It's about the ken russell film, the re-make of `` wuthering heights'' And is it true you were offered the lead part as Cathy Earnshaw?

Uh, I've heard this as a rumour as well.

[Laughter from audience]

Uh, a few people have said to me, ``Is it true?'' I've not heard anything about this, and so, I don't know. But we'll see, won't we? If there's any truth in it, I presume they'll ask me! [Laughing]

Laughter from audience]

Unless they've got something else planned [Laughing.] Well, I don't know. What do you think?

[Cries of ``yeah!"]

D'you think it would be a good idea?

[Louder cries of ``yeah!"]

D'you really? I find that very interesting -


- that you do. Well, I will seriously consider it now, if I'm asked. It's very nice. If it's true, it's very nice. (1990 Kate Bush Con)

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