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Producing (Other Artists)

* Did kate enjoy producing her new album and has she any plans to produce any other artists?

Yes, I did enjoy producing the album, it wasn't easy at all. But yes, I did enjoy it because I was pleased with the result. I don't know about producing other artists, I don't know.

Maybe in time.

Yeah, maybe. It's a very interesting idea, yeah! (1982, Unknown BBC interview)


I have a question about having you produce new artists. I didn't know if you've already done any, or if you're planning to or wanted to.

I haven't really produced any artists. It's something that I think I'd be interested in, if the music was really something I felt that I could contribute to. It's a very personal vision, music. And um, in some ways I pity the poor sod that had to put up with me for three years [Laughing with the audience], if it takes them as long as it does me. I mean most people like their albums done in six months. I don't know. I don't know, who knows? At the moment it's more than I can handle just trying to look after myself. (1990 Kate Bush Con)

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