KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


Are you becoming more reclusive as a result [Of having your own studio]?

I think I have extremes, where I'm very reclusive while I'm working and then totally non-reclusive when I come out to promote and say to people ``here's the album.'' (1985, MuchMusic)


She's still rather shy and home-loving. Kate laughs openly when you call her recluse, but then admits that, yes, she is happiest behind closed doors. Preferably those of her elegant, unostentatious south london victorian mansion. Beautifully decorated, with shades of blue predominant, her home is kate's absolute refuge.

I don't go on holiday. I'd rather stay at home. I went once years ago. It was a real culture shock. I went from a dingy little London studio with no windows to this absolute paradise. I could barely stand it. Even the sound of the birds was deafening.

People go on and on about me being a recluse, but it doesn't bother me. To me a recluse is just someone who gets on with what they want to do. If that's being one? then I'm happy to be one. (1989, You)


A large part of this business is so false, isn't it? You hear such a lot about the rock 'n' roll life-style, but I really don't know what that is about any more. The show business life has simply never appealed to me. I wasn't attracted to the music business by the idea of wearing a black leather mini and getting legless at all the right parties every night. What I wanted to do was make music. That's all I want to do now. (1989, You)


I do like the quiet life. I'd like having privacy; it's incredibly important to me, because I do end up feeling quite probed by the public side of what I have to do. I'm just quite a private person, really. You just end up feeling quite exposed; it's this vulnerability. After I've done the salesman bit, I like to be quiet and retreat, because that's where I write from. I'm a sort of quiet little person. (1989, Pulse)


I am not a secretive person, but I am not a public person and for me what I feel is that my work is to go out to the world, but not me as a person. I am not a great personality, I don't want to be a TV personality. I am a songwriter, I am a singer, and I want my music to go out to the world and that's what I want to talk to people about is my music. (1990, KDGE)


I'm from a very close family,and domestic security is very important.

Now, I just love being at home. It's a haven from life, and problems. But you can hardly call me a recluse because I stay in and watch telly a lot! (1990, Daily Mirror)


To many, you're something of an enigma.

I don't know about enigmas or anything. I just take a long time to make an album.

But we never ever read about Kate Bush, you know, hitching up her skirt and dancing around at the hippodrome, or--

[In feigned indignation:] I should think not!

- Or Kate Bush being seen at the airport, darting off here and there. You manage to keep a low profile, don't you?

Yes, I guess so. I think that it is very important to me that I get that break again, between albums. I need a lot of privacy, and just to be at home. It's such a different world out there, and it's not really something I've ever wanted to be a part of. Making records and just being involved in music is really what attracted me to what I do. And it's not really me to go to all these clubs. It's not really the kind of thing I like to do. (1989, Greater London)


Do you become a total recluse in the recording studio, or do you find time to relax and slow down?

I do get very obsessed with it all, and people make quite a fuss, really, which is truly nice. But it is just an album. There are lots of other things in life besides working. So many people get wrapped up in their work on so many levels of life, because there is such a lot of pressure for people to follow this high achiever.

Well, it's the protestant work ethic, and also doing the best. Being the best?

Yes. And I'm very, very lucky. I continually think I'm so lucky to do what I like doing, and to have the time to do what I want. But it is still important to have a good time. That's what it's all about, don't you think? You've got to have a good time, really.

What are your priorities, then?

Well, I think years ago, really, I wouldn't have looked beyond having a damn good album. And now, it's nice for me to have space away from it. I like not being quit so obsessed as I used to be. There's a bit more time to play with. Maybe I'm a bit more sociable because I'm not so obsessive. It does get terribly unhealthy, and it's very selfish, as well - making an album, writing a book... Any of those things. Ultimately it is a very selfish act, so you should be more healthy.

What do you do, though? Do you watch lots of telly, or do you go to the theatre?

Yes, I love watching telly, because when we spend a lot of time in the day listening to music, you don't want to get home and listen to records. I love watching comedy. I really love gardening. I did quite a bit of gardening over the last couple of years, which was really good for me. It's so nice to get outside, too. You get stuck inside all day, so at least I've been getting out a bit more, and not being so obsessive. (1989, Greater London)


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