KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Physical Attributes

One last question from Jane Fear of Dungannon. About your hair, what do you do to it, she loves it ?

Well, we just pull it out... Well I put henna on it because it is a very good conditioner, and it's like a mud and just all [Makes slurping sound] slip in on all over, and I plait it and it makes it frizzy.

And that's that.

That's that.

Well, there you are jane. It's up to you now. [Kate laughs] (1979, Ask Aspel)


Do you henna your hair?

Yes. I use henna wax. Otherwise I don't do anything special. I sometimes plait it and let it dry to make it curl, and for the Christmas TV show I used crimping irons, which was amazing. (1979, KBC 3)


I'd like to ask kate, how long have you had your hair like that.

[Laughs] how do you mean, you mean the color?

No, I mean the style.

The style?


Oh, long time. I mean, it's just how it is, you know. It does what it wants.

Oh, you don't do any special hair styles?

No, not really. I've plastered it, i've put it in plats.

Oh, cause I've tried to do that and it's always come out well.

Oh, good!

I think your hair looks really nice.

Oh thank you. I'm sure yours does. [This question was over the phone] (1979, The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop)


Kate, where do you get your hair done?

My hair? I don't get it done anywhere, it does itself I'm afraid.

Oh, lovely. I think it's terrific.

Oh, thanks. (1979, Personal Call)


How often do you get your hair cut, and do you go to a special hairdresser for famous people? I think your hair always looks fantastic, and often wonder whether you suffer from split ends, etc., like the rest of us.

I get my hair cut about every six weeks by Anthony Jacomine. I am really pleased that you think my hair looks good, as it's still recovering from all the heated curlers and tongs it was blasted with on various photo sessions. (1984, KBC 17)


What kind of make-up do you use?

I don't bother any more, I use Latex! (1984, KBC 17)


How tall are you?

I'm 5' 3 1/2", I think! (1980, KBC 5)


Though sometimes I do tend to feel a bit podgy! I don't actually look it, but I do feel it, so I exercise like mad until I'm so exhausted I don't have enough energy to even think about eating food. And it really keeps me in tip top shape. (????, CARRIAD 8)

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