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Peter Gabriel

Offstage he's very normal, and that's the kind of thing I believe in. [ Kate helped out with the backing vocals on his excellent recent album, and describes the experience of walking into someone else's work as] lovely - especially after the pressure of going out under your own name.

I was thrilled to do it, and it's not often that I meet people in the same position that I can relate to. It's not like relating to people at EMI, as they're on a completely different side of the fence. (1981, RM)


*And on the subject of people that you admire and that you've worked with, any chance of working with Peter Gabriel again in the near future.

I'd love to work with Peter again, because he's so great. But I don't know, that's something that we would have to see. (1982, Unknown BBC interview)


Peter Gabriel, the pioneer of the instrument, has visibly had a huge influence on your development. But one could say that something more exists between you, like a telepathic link. Do you disagree?

It's difficult to say. Comparing me to him is a marvelous compliment, and certainly exaggerated. I greatly admire what he does; he's a brilliant artist. I think that people like him and me are similar because we are trying to do something new. The pop world does not enter into our pre-occupations. We are that kind of people. Peter, of course, but also David Bowie, who was incredibly innovative at a moment when it was needed, Bryan Ferry with Roxy Music, Brian Eno, who can't be honoured enough for what he's done. All are very important musicians, whose influence greatly exceeds their popularity, which lasts three minutes in the charts. (1985, Guitares et Claviers)


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