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Music (Kate'S Favorite Of Her Own)

What's your favorite of your records?

What's the favorite, what you mean out of all my songs?


Ooo, that's quite a hard question. I guess I'm pretty fond of ``Oh England, My Lionheart'' (1979, Swap Shop)


I just wondered, do you like to listen to your own records?

No, I don't actually. The only times I listen to them is when I've got a routine to work out. If I'm doing a TV or something, then I have to listen through it to work out the routine. But that's the only time. (1979, Personal Call)


Which is your favourite song out of those you have written and why? Which of your albums is the more important to you personally and why? There seems to be more emphasis on lionheart in your letters and in the club merchandise.

I haven't really got a favourite song, because I have a very love/hate relationship with them all, and sometimes get bored with them. I tend to associate things with a song, instead of just seeing it for itself. I think the album which is most important for me is the one I'm working on, and I think it's obvious why: I'm much more involved, and it's something I want and I haven't done it for a long time. Probably the reason there's been more emphasis on Lionheart in all the merchandising and from myself, is just because that was my last album. And it's quite catchy: we were calling the people around us during the Tour ``Lionhearts'' and that was a very significant part of last year for all of us. But soon it won't be so much ``Lionheart'' any more. It'll be something else. (1980, KBC 5)


Do you have a favorite album of yours, a kate bush album?

It's a very close tie between this and the last one. I think probably this one. The one that you've just done is normally your most favorite and then becomes your least favorite and you want to get on and do something else and make it better. [Laughs] (1985, Good Rockin Tonight)


Of your albums, which one is your favorite?

Um... I think the last album you do is always the one that's closest to you because you've just spent the nearest part of your life to it, but I think for artistic fulfillment, I think The Dreaming was certainly rewarding - to have actually achieved some of the things that we set out to do. But you have very much a strange relationship. I don't know if you really like anything you do.

Well...I like it a lot, so...

Good! (1985, Love-Hounds)


Do you have a favorite song that you've recorded?

It's very much a love/hate relationship I think any author has with the thing. But there are ones that you're always quite glad you managed to achieve, especially when they were difficult. I was quite pleased with ``Houdini'' and `` Breathing'' and `` Running Up That Hill.'' (1985, Picture Disk)


A [Favorite] song of your own?

The song `` The Sensual World'' `` Cloudbusting'' has fond memories for me because of the book and the video, but `` The Sensual World'' because musically I'm jolly pleased with it - and it was hell to make! (1990, Q Special)


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