KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


* On a lighter note, what does kate think about people such as pamela stevenson doing impersonations of her?

I think it's great, actually. I think it's wonderful that they go to so much trouble, as well. And they really do, obviously watch the routines and listen to the track. And they always re-record the track. Great.

When you see somebody doing that. Somebody who has put effort in to... To mimic you. And getting laughs out of it, at your expense. Do you then say to yourself ``well I'm going to stop doing that, that does look pretty silly.'' or do you have second thoughts about your performance?

I think I have second thoughts about my performance anyway. I think that just exaggerates the point. But its great, I love to watch the way that they do it. It's very fun. (1982, Unknown BBC interview)


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