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Kt Symbols and Names

What do the initials k.t. Stand for in the k.t. Bush band?

It's a sound thing, really. If you speak the initials, you get Katy, my name. (1979, KBC 2)


On your album lionheart and the kick inside, there's a symbol on the actual kite on the back and on the box on the front of the album...

Oh, you noticed.

Yes. Have they only sorta symbolize [Sic]?

Well, what in fact it is, it's a KT...

It's a tk or a kt..

A kt and it's sorta two things that actual sign is an old knight templars sign and 'round the countryside you'll find it scattered on the doorways of churches and things and it was just very fitting because I used to be in a band called the kt bush band. Katie, kt. And it's just a theme that we've kept running. It's a sorta motto. (1979, personal call)


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