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Jules and The Polar Bear

Do you ever think you'll do anything with Peter Gabriel again?

I hope so, yes. We're trying to work on something at the moment, but it's quite hard to get all the business through, but I hope that will happen. He's great to work with.

He worked with our next act, didn't he?

Yes, he did. It's a very strange coincidence. Uh, because I saw him the other day, and just mentioned if he'd heard of Jules and the Polar Bears - which is one of the next tracks we're playing. And he said yes, he had because he was producing their live EP, and he sent it on a couple of days later. It's very good.

And the track that I've chosen is called ``The Smell of Home.'' And it's off an album called Phonetics. Which is very interesting, because all the lyrics on the lyric sheet they've actually written pho-net-i-cal-ly! So you can try to read the words, and it's uh, all in phonetics. And I think they're great. I've never heard of them in this country. They've not been played on the radio, as far as I know. And they're great - he's got an incredible voice, the lead singer.

Well, I think, I have been played in the evening -

They have?

- But not so much during the day, really.

No, I've not heard them getting enough recognition anyway.

Well, let's hear them in one of their earliest time slots: Jules and the Polar Bears, ``the smell of jome."

[This record is played.]

"The Smell of Home,'' by Jules and the Polar Bears, one of Kate Bush's all-time favourite tracks. (1980, bbc)


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