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John Lennon

This is radio one, on new year's eve. And we're playing kate bush's favourite songs of all time, and here's one by john lennon, who was killed in the most appalling way earlier this month, and kate I'm wondering if you are too young at the age of twenty-two to have fully understood what all of the media fuss was about. So many people were affected so traumatically for so long. Could you really understand what lennon and the beatles meant to them?

Yes, absolutely! I think probably people of about sixteen or seventeen, that's the age where it wouldn't really mean that much. But even at my age they really meant so much. I wasn't aware of them first happening and then being the ``new thing'' But I was aware of them as the most incredible source, and of Lennon being the most fantastic songwriter. He really was one of my favourite artists - not as The Beatles, but as Lennon. And in fact, in compiling this list a couple of months ago before the news, I'd chosen this track as one of my favourites. So it wasn't meant as a tribute, it was genuinely planned as one of the tracks.

Why this of all his songs?

For me it's just magic. Um, his voice; the production - it's the most incredible production; uh, little backwards voices. They're really things that I love. And just, the song and everything - it's wonderful. And I - I'm really sad, because he's left the biggest hole in the business that we've known yet, I think.

Here's john lennon's ``number nine dream."

[The record is played. In my opinion there is no single record that kate's music reflects the influence of more clearly than this track. All references to Peter Gabriel's influence - even as regards production - pale beside a comparative listening between ``Number Nine Dream'' and any of a dozen of Kate's recordings. -ied]

One of the dozen or so most important human beings of my lifetime so far: John lennon and ``number nine dream.'' (1980, bbc)


Kate, the time has now come for me to spring on you that question: What is your all-time favourite single?

My all-time favourite single. Very, very difficult question, it really is, because just, just trying to compare songs, you know, let alone trying to put one higher than all the others... I think I would say at this point in time John Lennon's ``Number Nine Dream'' - for lots of reasons. (1980, BBC)


Have you ever considered doing a version of ``Number Nine Dream'' by John Lennon (which I know is your favourite single)?

I think what would be nice is if they re-released it. It was well ahead of its time, and didn't really get the attention it deserved. (1984, KBC 16)


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