KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Hannah Bush

Hannah: We always encouraged kate to write songs, but we never thought, we never dreamed, it would all turn out like this. We're very proud of her, naturally, but hasn't it all happened very suddenly? The doorbell's ringing all the time now from fans who want autographs. I have to collect them up and give them to kate to sign.

I worry about Kate at times, but she's a very stable girl and always seems to know what she's doing. She hasn't become affected in the slightest. (1978, Bush-Whacked!)


Hannah: [Inaudible] oh, in the show. I like her in all of it actually, the quality, her performance, and her stamina.

Stamina, yes. I mean her stamina is fantastic. I mean she had to go on... We're very proud of that. [Taps kate on the shoulder] Very professional, uh huh, isn't she? (1980, Kate Bush In Concert)


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