KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


When I was at school, I thought it was a bit dull to buy the same clothes as all my friends. KATE SMILES. I think fashion is more fun if you can find something different to wear. I've always liked old clothes and I used to go rummaging through second-hand shops looking for bargains. Jumble sales were always good too, and my money went a lot further than it would have done in the local boutiques.

I still like old clothes and the material they're made in... all those velvets and satins. But the trouble is, if the owners of a second-hand shop recognize me, the prices go up. So, I get one of my friends to buy the things I want. That way I can still get a bargain! (1978, Kate the (Fashion) Plate!)

Did you ever go through the hippie stage?

No. I was just a few years too young. In some ways, my attitudes could be associated with the time. I mean, I was growing up in the '60s...

Were you ever into teenage (fashion) cults, like a skinhead (titter) or something?

No. I don't think I ever felt I could be convincing enough in any of the roles. (1982, NME)


I make an effort to produce beautiful, tasteful videos and album covers, but I'm not into dressing up, and I'm not interested in clothes. KATE MOTIONS TO HER OUTFIT TO PROVE THE POINT. SHE'S WEARING WHAT LOOKS LIKE ONE OF BOYFRIEND DEL PALMER'S JACKETS, OLD BLUE SHIRT, OVERSIZED BLACK TIE, JEANS AND BOOTS, ALL SET OFF BY MANE OF PRE-RAPHAELITE HAIR.

I'm not a trendy city person at all, in fact I've become a country type since I left London. The stimulus of the countryside is fantastic. I sit at my piano and watch skies moving and trees blowing and that's far more exciting than buildings and roads and millions of people.

Communing with nature is no bad thing. I use it as an escape, but that doesn't mean I hug trees at three o'clock in the morning. KATE SMILES AT THE THOUGHT AND GAZES OUT THE STUDIO WINDOW WHERE ELTHAM'S SEDATE SUBURBAN CALM IS ONLY BROKEN BY THE GENTLE NOISE OF NEIGHBOURS MOWING SUBSTANTIAL LAWNS. (1985, What Kate Bush Did Next)


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