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Faith Brown

And of course "Wuthering Heights'' was the record which really kicked it all off for you, about a year ago. There was a tremendous parody of that done by Faith Brown, which we are going to see in just a moment. Did you enjoy that when you saw it?

Yes, I thought it was incredible. I think she's a genius.

Alright, lets look at it again over here. [Faith Brown's ``Wuthering Heights'' parody is played. Audience laughs.]


Yes, you had a smile at that? How did the technique, your own technique, actually evolve? The one that is being parodied there by Faith Brown, who in fact is a guest in a couple of weeks.

I'd just like to say that I think the amount of research [That] she must have done. I mean, she must have watched that video so many times, because the movements are just... they're betting than mine, you know, even when she falls over, it's great. (1979, Saturday Morning Show)


When faith brown and other impersonators mimick you, what is your reaction?

I don't really watch much television. I haven't been for quite a while - since I've been doing the album. But the ones I have seen I think are really funny. I think it's incredible that I should be chosen from so many to be imitated. (1980, KBC 5)


*Faith Brown is hilarious! SHE EXCLAIMED, GIGGLING. She's so accurate! I couldn't believe it when I saw her do `` Wuthering Heights'' and `` Wow'' She'd learned every step of my dance routines. Of course, it's very flattering to be mimicked. The only time it gets bitchy is when they make fun of people's physical imperfections, like Esther Rantzen's teeth. I don't find that amusing at all. (1982, Nineteen)


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