KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


I think it's really good, the fact that it's so fashionable now. Everyone's pleased 'cause everyone's wanted to do something about it, come out of the closet as it were. Unfortunately it's like most things - it's not until things start going horribly wrong that you try to do something about it. I think the media's got a lot to do with it, people like David Attenborough (RENOWNED FILMER OF WILDLIFE, BEST-KNOWN FOR HIS STRANGE ANTICS WITH GORILLAS, AND BROTHER OF WELL-KNOWN FILM PRODUCER SIR RICHARD) 'cause they present things in a human way. There's no lecturing, there's no saying, ``look, you're very, very naughty treating the earth like this,'' but saying, ``look at all these beautiful things.'' The photography is so superior, it just moves people. I mean, years ago, people would not stay in to watch a wildlife program, would they? (1989, Pulse)


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