KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Eberhard Weber

We're playing the favourite records of Kate Bush on this New Year's Eve, and Kate, I have to admit: You've stumped me. I don't know our next artist.

Well, his name's Eberhard Weber. Veh-ber-- [In heavy german accent:] Eberhard Weber. And he's German. And he's a fantastic fretless bass-player. He's got his own solo albums, and he works beautifully with glockenspiel, vibes, uh, vocal pieces. And it's very spacey, um, jazz-rocky. But what I like about him is always there's Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, they're right up at the top with all the big bass players, but again there're lots of very talented people that aren't that well known. So I'd like to give him a bit of exposure. And this is off the album called Fluid Rustle. And the track's called ``Quiet Departures."

[An excerpt from the track is played.]

"Quiet departures'' by Eberhard Weber, from the album Fluid Rustle. Kate, does music like that influence you as well as entertain you?

Oh, absolutely. I really feel that anything that I see, read, listen to, feel, eat, etcetera, is an influence. Because anything you like you're going to have an automatic attraction and want for. And so even subconsciously you, um, you use it, somehow it gets in there. (1980, BBC)


I must say, it's just delightful to be able to work with people you've admired, SAYS KATE AS SHE ENTHUSIASTICALLY RECOUNTS THE PROCESS OF SENDING TAPES TO WEBER (HER FAVORITE ECM ARTIST) AND THEN JOINING HIM IN THE STUDIO TO RUN THROUGH HIS PARTS. The parts are very much his. I would only question a note here or there, only because of my stubbornness... how I see things. But what I love is his personality, which exudes through everything he does. Beautiful, consuming sounds. So emotional. And, really, you ask people like that to come in so that you can steal that little bit of personality and put it on your track. (1985, BAM)


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