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Dave Gilmour

* Are you still in touch with her or is it pretty much a fair accompli?

Dave: Well, my involvement with her career specifically stopped at the moment that I sold her on. I retained a small financial percentage on the tracks that I did that were on the first album, and I got my expenses back out of EMI when I sold her on. I sold the tapes to them for what it cost to put them together. I haven't had any financial interest in her career.

Are you still friends?

Dave: Yes, I see her quite often. I actually sang some backing vocals on her last album on a track called `` pull out the pin.'' (c.1983, chez david gilmour interview)

Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame gave you your big break. How did that come about?

Well, I'd been writing, I suppose, since I was about thirteen, seriously. It was my family and my brother John who felt it would be a good idea to see if we could get some of my songs published. And through a friend of the family, we made a contact with Dave Gilmour, who at that time was scouting for talent to, perhaps, produce or encourage. he came down and heard some songs and I think was impressed.

And basically, eventually, he put up the money for me to go into the studio and make three tracks properly produced and through those tracks I got the recording contract. (1985, Profile 6)


Is that you singing with the female vocalists at the end of dave gilmour's _there'sno way out ofhere?

I can see how this question came up, as I'm so indebted and grateful to dave gilmour for everything he's done for me, but the answer is no, it isn't me, though I'd love to work with him some day. (1979, KBC 1)


Like Dave Gilmour himself actually [Being a more emotionally based guitarist].

Yes, I would say so too. Because I think Dave's a fantastic guitarist because he doesn't go for these blinding arpeggios, it's real emotional, it kinda simple. I mean, I think that's what music is really about. I think technique has become a big distraction.

Oh, I think everybody is realizing that now actually...

Yes, I think so. (1982, Bootleg CD)


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