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I thought, ``How weird for a comedian to do such a serious film [Mel Brooks, who kate mistakenly believed directed Elephant Man], but if you think of the syndrome of the comedian who is hilarious onstage but really manic-depressive at home, it figures. (1981, RM)


Monty python man Terry Gilliam and comedian Robbie Coltrane are credited on her latest album Hounds of Love and she speaks of their work with affection. Childish things amuse me, noises and silly faces. I adore Faulty Towers and The Young Ones, the psychology behind them is intriguing. (1985, what kate bush did next)


There are many people credited on the latest album, hounds of love, and the credits include terry gilliam of monty python fame. Why did you give him a mention?

Terry's been a great help in pointing me towards people I could use for the videos. I'm a great fan of Terry, I think he's a brilliant director - I love his films. I think he's more talented than people have appreciated yet. He's a really great filmmaker and I think a serious one too. And I just managed to be lucky enough to have made contact with him and he's helped me find people that I could work with on these last two videos.

So you're quite a fan of slapstick and that type of thing?

No, i'm not a fan of flaps [Gets tongue-tied] slapstick! But of doing things unusually and brilliantly. I mean I think his sense of composition, his sense of photographing things is superb, is brilliant.

Enjoy faulty towers?

Wonderful! I don't think there is anyone who doesn't really. Is there? Have you met anyone who doesn't like it? (1985, Profile 6)


Are going to do more acting in tv or films in the future. And if you're not, would you like to?

The only real bit of acting I've done is with The Comic Strip just last year - wait, this year, isn't it? And I did enjoy it. But I have to be totally honest, I really missed having control over [Laughs] - over the whole thing. I'm obviously such amegalomaniac. And it was incredible working with those people, it was a lot of fun. Very different pace. Very interesting... very interesting stuff. I did enjoy it very much. But I think I enjoy putting the videos together so much, where I'm actually directing. It's like - it's like writing a song visually. I find that so exciting that... that's what grabs me. And although I would love to do some acting, if it was something very very interesting and I felt I could actually do it, I'm kind of happier to pursue the idea of, someday, making a little film. Uh, so...

[Applause.] (1990 kate bush con)

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