KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Burt Lloyd

Your two brothers were musicians.

Yes, ah, and they loved music; they still do.

And what kinds of records would they play at home, that you would hear?

Well in fact, one... the next one that we're going to hear is a very good example. It's a sea chanty. And, it's by A. L. Lloyd and Ewan MacColl. We know him as Burt Lloyd. And, uh, he is still one of my favourite singers. He's got the most remarkable voice. When he sings it's like he's telling you a dirty joke, 'cause there's this really wicked glint in his voice, it's almost like you can see his eyes. And he's now...He must be in his seventies, but he's had the most tremendous influence on people. In the revival of folk music in the Sixties he was really the main figure. He's a great collector of songs. And so he's brought a lot of unknown songs back into people's, um... hearing distance.

And this one song that we're going to hear is called ``Doo-me-ah-ma-ding.'' Um, a friend of mine calls it ``Do You Have a Dinghy That Will Do Me For the Day?'' And it's really beautiful, and it's one of the first songs that I ever learnt to sing.

[The song is played.]

"Do-me-a-ma-ding'' by a. L. Lloyd and ewan maccoll. Ewan maccoll may be known to listeners of this programme, because not only was he a famous singer but he wrote ``the first time ever I saw your face,'' which was made famous by roberta flack -


- And also he's the father of kirsty maccoll.

But as you say, kate bush, one of the records you first learned to sing.

Yes, indeed. (1980, BBC)


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