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Bryan Ferry

It's interesting that your first favorite record is a Beatles number. Why do you like that so much?

Well that particular song I think is an absolute classic. I think it's brilliant. And the particular cover version, Bryan Ferry, I think is one of the best cover versions I've ever heard. Because so often it's just nowhere as good as the original song and I think it's brilliant.

We should play it. It's ``she's leaving home.'' [Bryan Ferry's cover of ``she's leaving home'' is played] yeah, it's a beautiful song isn't it?

Incredible, I think.

Has it any personal sorta meaning to you? You haven't left home have you?

[Laughs] no, no. It's nothing personal, it's just whenever... I mean that whole album Sergeant Pepper is just a phenomena. It's an absolute classic and all the songs on it are so beautiful. And it's just good to hear a very, very excellent cover version because often they lack something. I think he's captured george martin, The Beatles, everything. I think it's very clever. (1979, personal call)


If you could a duet... If you would want to... Would you want to do a duet with anybody?

Yes, I mean, there are lots of people.



Name a few.

Well I think the trouble with those kinds of questions is as soon you're put them, all these names just disappear from your brain. But definitely, I mean there are people I admire tremendously. Like I'd loved to work with Bryan Ferry, his voice is superb. And, well Peter Gabriel, it was a great honor working with him, I'd love to work with him, again. And all the other names totally escape me, at the moment. [Both laugh] Yeah. (1985, Countdown)


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