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Books About Kate

*As far as books on kate bush, that have been published, they seem to be absolute rubbish.

Paddy and jay: Yeah!

They've made jay out to be some morose figure who hides in dark alleys..

Jay: Yeah. [Laughter from audience]

And your whole family to be eccentric. Do you resent that and could kate bush put the record straight by writing her own biography?

Jay: I think, yes, initially we resented it and it was a bit of a shock and that's the usually process, finding out whether I wanted to do anything to stop it, because a lot of it was quite unpleasant and very un-[??? Flattering] to me. And we decided that we wouldn't because that would fuel the fire of the sort of people who were doing it.

Paddy: [Makes funny voice] nasty bushes! Stop us going to press! [???? Inaudible] us! [Laughter from audience]

Jay: Actually for her to do a book we find it's rather difficult because she doesn't get on the [??? Planet] that long. And slight attempts were made of it but I think actually seeing your life spread out in one big long effort is very weird sensation. So, no, they haven't have. Whether they will in the future, I don't know. I doubt it somehow. But I'm sure they'll be plenty more books as far as the ones we've been talking about now. But it's just an unfortunate aspect of the music industry. But, as you say, they are rubbish and they're rubbish in so many details, not in what they say about us but just in what they call ``fact'' is all wrong. And they don't rely them at all, [??? Inaudible]

Did fred vermorel every meet you?

Jay: No, nor Paddy.

Paddy: No, not one of us.

Jay: He wants to know where he could find us. [More laughter] just for our own personal protection from him, you know he went through our dust bins, too. Some people make a living... [??? Inaudible] (1985, kate bush con. Paddy and jay interview)


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