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Attractiveness (Kate'S)

I want it to stand on the weight of my work, not what I look like. I realize people are going to capitalise on it. It annoys me though. Why should people want to know about my sex life. It's completely irrelevant to what I'm doing. I give them everything they need to know about me in my songs because they are personal songs.

Being regarded as a sex object just gets in the way most of the time unless its relevant to the role I'm playing in the song. Guys get it, of course, but only those that seem to ask for it. Girls seem to get it whether they want to be regarded in that way or not. To overplay it is wrong. It can't possibly last. (1978, Record Mirror)


She is, indeed, a beautiful woman. Carved ivory, with nary a nick. So obviously there is no way she can avoid becoming the target for sexist minds. Although she does not advocate this reaction, she's not flustered by it. After all, it is a compliment.

As long as it does not interfere with my progress as a singer-songwriter, it doesn't matter, I just wish people would think of that first. I would be foolish to think that people don't look. I suppose in some ways it helps to get more people to listen... (1978, The Blossoming Ms. Bush)


Are you aware of the devastating effect you have on ninety-nine per cent of the male population?

Ooh, it's nice when people find me attractive, [she says, green eyes sparkling like fireworks]. I'm flattered by it, really. (1982, Robin Smith)


I once saw a photograph of you taken from your live tour and you were covered in sweat and licking the barrel of a gun. I found it erotic but frightening, because it was so blatant. (I also accused her, after watching the video of the hammersmith gig, of oozing sex all over the stage.) what, as a performer, are your feelings with regard to an audience's erotic reaction to you?

I suppose it's something I don't really know about. Your energy on stage dictates the character you are--then. I'm too subjective. I just see me...Either I get embarrassed, or it's working.

Also, in a later question about her initial press identity, kate remarked: When I first appeared, the press couldn't handle me in any normal way. I was the girl who sang in a funny voice, with ``the body'' .. (1982, nme) __

It's hard for me to say. The way people see me is so diverse, [comments kate, on the theory that childishness is part of her appeal]. I suppose in lots of ways I'm still very much like a little girl, and probably always will be, even if I make it to 60 or 70.

It's an interesting perspective of life, a child's. Maybe it's because I'm so small and still at knee level. The symbolism of the child is such a powerful thing, because it's the small vulnerable thing looking out at the big world.

But hasn't reaching 30...?

Ok, stop rubbing it in, young man!

Don't you start worrying about what people think of you physically?

But this is like the first time we've experienced young music growing old, and it's like people won't allow it. Look at the stick a lot of our gorgeous men are getting now that they're in their 40s. It doesn't seem to be hip for guys to be in their 40s and still in the rock industry.

I don't really see myself as a performer, and that's hard for me--when I have to come out and expose myself and be the saleswoman of the hour. I don't have the same kind of exposure as other performers do. I suppose if people think I look horrible they tend to keep it to themselves. Maybe I haven't started hitting the real horrors yet. What do you think?


Oh, dear!

No, no, you don't look horrible at all!

It's the whole train of thought: ``Oh my God, doesn't she look old!'' Usually I get, ``Oh my God, doesn't she look small!'' (1989, NME)


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