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Album Formats

Who's responsible for releasing the tracks that are released as singles?

Well, I certainly have my idea of the singles that I want to release, and I put them forward. But they have to be agreed by the company, because obviously the company aims to sell records, and unless they think the single's capable, they're not going to release it. But so far we've agreed and it's been great.

No quarrels, yet?

No, not yet.

Right. (1978, Ask Aspel)


What's your own personal feelings, apposed to maybe your record companies idea, of talking singles from lps. Do you think the record company actually a tremendously fair deal by that? [Note - in many countries outside the u.s., britain included, it wasn't common practice until the 70s to release songs on both albums and singles. For instance, many of the beatles hits were never originally on albums in britain.]

Well that's something that, generally, I don't really know about. But I know in my case that I do have certain ideas of the songs that I want to come out and I put that to the record company, and they think about it, and obviously they have things they want to put out, and we come to an agreement.

You come to an agreement between yourselves?

Yeah. (1979, Saturday Morning Show)


Do you decide what records are going to be released in other countries, and what the picture sleeves are going to be?

Apart from the U.S.A. releases, we normally know up front what's happening, if there's to be a special release. In the cases of the Irish `` Night of the Swallow,'' the U.S. mini-L.P., the European ``Suspended in Gaffa'' and the French ``Ne T'enfuis pas,'' we designed the bags, hoping they would particularly appeal to that market. (1984, KBC 16)


Why don't you release any twelve-inch singles?

I'm afraid to say that EMI don't find them ``commercially viable propositions'' We very much wanted to release the single ``The Dreaming'' on a twelve-inch - we could have got a beautiful-sounding cut with that one. I could lend you my twelve-inch if you'd like to hear how good it is! (1984, KBC 16)


I think I've always seen myself as someone who writes songs that go on an album. If there are any singles among them, then they can be chosen for that. But apart from `` Wuthering Heights'' I was always an album-orientated artist. Even if my singles are more remembered.

You have no regard for those instantaneous qualities of the single? A rocket going up brilliantly for a moment?

Each album is like a rocket. I build it up as much as I can, and see how high it goes. I'm never aware of any commercial value. I never sit down to write a single. Whenever I write, I'm challenging myself in some area. Everyone who creates something considers themself an artist in some way, don't they?

I wonder whether you really want to do music - whether you'd rather do poetry or theatre or dance or...

I'm doing that as well, really, aren't I? Maybe it's wrong to see me as a pop personality. You're going to keep changing - `` Wuthering Heights'' was a story with music and dancing, but I've changed so much since then. The things that the media most remember about me are those things. Some people see that I am changing, but... oh, not as many as the people who hang onto those singles. But I am beginning to be seen as an albums artist.

What's an albums artist?

It's not being a pop personality or whatever it was you called me. I'm not interested in making singles. Maybe I will make some ``singles'' one day... (1982, NME)


About a year ago I purchased a u.s. Promo record containing four tracks from the dreaming. On the front was a sticker stating ``not for sale - for promotional purposes only.'' is it illegal to possess such a record? How come I was able to buy it if it's not for sale?

I shouldn't worry, you're not in any trouble for buying it, but unfortunately whoever sold it to you was making an illegal sale. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. (1984, KBC 16)


Why is the kick inside the only available l.p. On compact disk? What do you think of the quality of cds, and would you like to see kbv released on this system?

Maybe you should ask EMI why only The Kick Inside is available on CD. I would like KBV to be out on this system so that I can tell you what the quality is like, 'cause I haven't heard yet! (1984, KBC 17)


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