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Alan Stivell

This one [Of your favorite tracks] is from alan stivell, and it's called ``the kinead.'' now this is one that I have not heard before.

Well, this is a really beautiful track, and Alan Stivell, um, he's a, a Breton, and from the age of four, as far as we know, he was a, a master harpist, playing the Celtic harp. His father was a master at it, and that's obviously why he learnt so young. As he got older he decided that all the kids in Breton were getting into contemporary music, and didn't realise what beautiful traditional music they had in their own country. So what he wanted to do was present the traditional music in a form that they would love and understand because he felt that it was being forgotten. And it really is beautiful. And it's nice because not only is it the traditional music but he's mixing it with rock. And as far as I'm concerned this track is a tear-jerker, it's so beautiful.

From his album from celtic roots, here's alan stivell.

["The kinead'' is played.]

"The kinead'' by alan stivell. Kate, are you particularly interested in celtic music, or here are you just drawn to this artist?

I think I'm probably drawn to this artist, because it is quite like the music that I was brought up on, which was traditional English-Irish music. (1980, BBC)


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