Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Part IV: Sources And Credits

This in no way should be considered a complete or recommended list of Kate Bush sources. What is listed here is sources that I have access to, and well as the sources I need, when known. Non-interview articles (reviews, etc) are not included. For a more complete list of Kate sources see back issues of Homeground fanzine.

Where the interviews have also been reprinted in fanzines, books, or bootlegs, I have noted this after the name of the interview. Sometimes they don't give the original date and source, so I have included an Unknown section for articles where I don't know the original sources. Any further information would be appreciated.

Sources are followed by the date of the source, then the name of the interviewer, then the name of the person who transcribed the source into computer form, then the name of any fan magazine or book where the article is reprinted. The most common transcribers are given abbreviations, IED for Andrew Marvick and RH for Ronald Hill.


Why aren't there lots of great Kate Bush books? Since, as far as I know, Kate has never been interviewed for a book, all of the quotes from these books are originally from other sources, and, where known, have been marked as such.

KATE BUSH COMPLETE - Book containing the sheet music to all of Kate's songs up to 1986. Also contains separate lyrics, a great chronology, many photos, and a discography. Although it doesn't contain any interviews with Kate, it was invaluable to creating this document and is highly recommended, especially if you don't have access to all of Kate's lyrics.

SH - Secret History of Kate Bush (And The Strange Art Of Pop) - 1983. Intellectual (as opposed to intelligent) book about Kate's family history, story, and fans. For someone who rambles on about fan obsession he seems pretty obsessed himself - "So I turn Kate's glossy pages, crackling and soapy to the touch, paper which seems limp and heavy and wet with realism, as if her images were oozing and perspiring into my fascinated inspection" YEEEETCH!!!!

TWS - Kate Bush - The Whole Story (1988). Despite appearances, not a sanctioned book, and certainly not the whole story. Positive, but contains numerous factual and publishing errors. For "The Whole Story" on this book, see HOMEGROUND numbers 33 and 34.

AVD - Kate Bush - A Visual Documentary (1988). Perhaps the best liked, non-official book.

LOVE - Kate Bush - With Love (1988). Reprints of Kate-related articles, interviews, and reviews, some positive, some negative. Interesting mainly to see how the music press has reacted to Kate over the years.


Kate has fan magazines all over the world. This is only a list of the fanzines I have access to and have used for source material.

KBC The Kate Bush Club. Indispensible. Contains articles by Kate and her family, as well as wonderful photos. I have tried to use quotes from here as often as possible, since these are presumably the closest to what Kate actually feels. Unfortunately, back issues are hard to find, and most of us have to be content with photo-copies. How about reprinting all of these in book form???

I only have originals of issues 2,5,8,11,13,16,17,18,23 so if you have any originals you don't need, let me know! The source of all these in computer form was The Garden, so if you have Cloudbusting you have all the direct quotes from Kate from the Kate Bush Club. However, the originals have many features which make them very worthwhile to have, including those GREAT pictures (wooo....).

The KBC and Homeground together sponsored the 1990 Kate Bush Convention on November 17, 1990. The questions were from the audience members and the transcription is from Andrew Marvick.

This is a list of all the KBCs as of April 1991. This list first appeared in Cariad Kate.

NUMBER     DATE          COVER                                PAGES
------     ----          -----                                -----
        6 Mar  1979     Duplicated letter + signed photo 
1.     26  Apr 1979     Hi Lionhearts                           4
2.      ?  Aug 1979     Hello Everybody                         4
3.      ?  Oct 1979     Tour Issue                              8 
4.      18 Dec 1979     Christmas Newsletter                    12
5.      23 Apr 1980	    With love from Kate                     8 
6.      11 Jul 1980     Convention was great                    8
7.      26 Sep 1980     Them Bats and Doves                     8
8.      22 Dec 1980     December will be Magic Again (cartoon)  12
9.      13 Apr 1981     Letter from Kate                        8
10.     12 Sep 1981     On Videos And Tapes                     8
11.     20 Dec 1981     Photo of Kate with snow in her hair     20
12.     15 Oct 1982     Photo of Kate   Dancers from Dreaming   20
13.     22 Apr 1983     Suspended in Gaffa Photo of Kate        20
14.     17 Oct 1983     Photo of Kate in a wooly hat            20 
15.     23 Dec 1983     Photo of Kate by a stream and a swallow 24
16.     25 Jun 1984     Photo of Kate wearing a white jumper    20
17.     20 Dec 1984     Photo of Kate singing into a microphone 28
18.     30 Sep 1985     Hounds of Love album issue              24 
19.     16 Apr 1986     Hounds of Love single sleeve cover      28 
20.     ?  Sep 1986     Photo of Kate from The Big Sky video    28 
21.     4  Mar 1987     Photo of Kate from the Experiment IV    32 
22.     23 Dec 1987     Photo of Kate with cropped hair   vest  28 
23.            1989     Sensual World Album Issue.              32

Homeground. Excellent independent fanzine. Contains news, discussion, poetry, artwork, etc. I have from issues 31 up. An interview appeared in 1985, by Tony Myatt, trans. by IED.

BREAKTHROUGH - I have access to issues 5, 6, and 7 and have transcribed several interviews reprinted in this fanzine. Issue 5 contained the Kate Connection interview by Abby Sheffield which may or may not have been originally from Breakthrough.

SB - Still Breathing (formerly Breakthrough). Great Canadian fanzine that contains all the normal stuff. Also has lots of great reprints of interviews with Kate, which of course are credited here to the original sources. I have every issue since it became Still Breathing.

CARIAD - Cariad Kate. Great Welsh fan magazine. Contains the usual stuff plus lots of great reprints of interviews. I have access to issues 1-13, except 5. Also contains a superb collection of interviews with Peter Swales with Kate, Paddy, and Del in issues 3-5.

Reaching Out. I don't have any copies of this fanzine, but an interview reprinted in this fanzine was originally from the KFNX interview. A few quotes, however were not included in the KFNX transcription I have, so they have been credited to Reaching Out.

Printed Interviews

The Amazing Pudding. Pink Floyd Fan Magazine. Kate Bush Issue #31. Reprints of various Kate and Dave Gilmour quotes.

AP. Associated Press. Nov. '89, by Hillel Italie, transcribed by Ed Suranyi.

Australian Women's Weekly. April '83, by Susan Moore, trans. by RH.

BAM. C.1985, by Bill Forman, trans. by RH.

Best (France). Nov. '89, by Gerard Bar-David. This interview was conducted in English by Gerard Bar-David, then translated into French and then re-translation back into English, by Andrew Marvick. So inaccuracies may have occurred.

Billboard. Dec. 14, '85, by Kathy Gillis, trans. by RH.

Bitz. Autumn 1985, by unknown, trans. by IED.

Blitz. Fall '85, by unknown, trans. by IED.

Company. British woman's magazine. 1982, by Rosie Boycott, trans. by IED.

Daily Mirror. March 21, '90, by Lesley Anne Jones, trans. by Andy Semple.

Electronics Music Maker. 1982, by unknown, reprinted in Break- Through Issue #4.

Georgia Straight. Dec. '6, '85, by Steve Newton.

The Guardian. Oct. 12, '89, by Adam Sweetings, trans. by Neil Calton.

Guitares et Clavies. French music magazine. Feb. 86, by Yves Bigot. The interview was originally in English - probably not fluent - then translated into French, and then back into English by Andrew Marvick, so inaccuracies may have occurred.

Hi FI for Pleasure. Aug. '83, trans. by Doug Allen.

Hot Press. Nov. '85, by unknown, trans. by IED.

Island-Ear. Jan. 7, '86, by Beth Fishland, trans. by RH.

International Musician And Recording World. Dec '89, by Tony Horkins, trans. by Neil Calton.

Kerrang! Fall '82, by Karen Swayne, trans. by IED.

Keyboard. June '85, by John Diliberto. trans by Mark T. Ganzer. This is the complete transcription of the interview including portions that weren't in the Keyboard article. Extra portions are from the Songwrighter U.S.A magazine (Sept./Oct. '85) and Totally Wired Mark II radio show.

KITS. Dec. 89, by Unknown, trans by Ed Suranyi. Probably just a reprint of an EMI press release.

Liverpool Echo. April 4 '79, by Peter Trollope, trans. by RH.

Los Angeles Times. Jan. 28, '80, by Terry Atkinson, trans. by IED. March '18, '84, by Dave Stanton, trans. by RH. Reprinted in BREATHROUGH Five.

Music Express (Can). May '83, by Tarin Elbert, trans. by Tippi Chai. 1990, by Mary Dickie, trans. by Vickie Mapes and Chris Williams.

Musician. Fall '85, by Peter Swales, trans. by IED. Includes quotes not included in the published magazine. Feb. '90, by John Diliberto, trans. by IED)

New York Times. Nov. 1, '89 (New York City Edition), by Stephen Holden, trans. by Ed. Suranyi.

Nineteen. 1982, by Jill Eckersley, trans. by RH from a reprint in BREAKTHROUGH 6.

NME - New Music Express. British music paper. Mar. 25 '78, by Steve Clarke, trans by RH, reprinted in LOVE. Oct. 20. '79, by Danny Baker, trans. by RH. Oct 23 '82, by Jane Solanas, trans. by IED, reprinted in LOVE. Nov 12, '88, by Len Brown, trans. by IED, reprinted in CARIAD 7. Sept. '89, by Len Brown, trans. by IED.

MM - Melody Maker. British Music paper. Feb '78, by Harry Doherty, trans. by RH from a reprint in LOVE. Also reprinted in BREAKTHROUGH five. July 3, '78, by Harry Doherty, trans. by RH from a reprint in LOVE. Nov. 11, '78, by Harry Doherty, trans. by RH, from a reprint in LOVE. Also reprinted in BREATHROUGH Six. Oct. 4, '80, by Colin Irwin, trans. by Mark T. Gazner. Oct. 16, '82, by Paul Simper, trans. by RH. Aug. 24, '85, by Ted Mico, trans. by RH. 1989, by Steve Sutherland, trans. by IED.

"NOW: Toronto's Weekly News and Entertainment Voice" Nov. 28, Dec. 4, '85, by James Marck, trans. by IED.

Option. Alternative music magazine. Mar/Apr 1990, by Maria Montgomery Sarnoff, trans. by Dave Armstrong .

Popix. Summer '82, by unknown, trans. by IED.

Pop Star. May 26, '79, by unknown, trans. by IED.

Pop Shop. C.1979, by Nina Myskow.

Popular Video. March '83, by John Kercher, trans. by Vickie Mapes and Chris Williams.

Pulse. Tower Records free magazine. April '84, by Richard Laermer, trans. by RH. Dec. '89, by Will Johnson, transcribed by Ed Suranyi.

Q Magazine. Yuppie music mag. Nov. 89, by unknown, trans. by Ed Suranyi. Special Issue, 1990, by unknown, trans. by Andy Semple.

"Ram" (Australia). May 19, '78, by Steve Clarke. Subset of the March '78 NME interview.

RAW. Nov. 15 + 29, '89, by Dave Dickson, trans. by RH.

Record Mirror. British Music Paper. Feb. 25, '78, by Mary Ann Ellis, trans. by RH, reprinted in LOVE. July 8 '78, by unknown, trans. by RH. C.1980, by Andy Phillips, trans by RH, reprinted in LOVE. Sept. '81, by John Shearlaw, trans. by IED.

Rolling Stone. American music magazine. Nov 2, 1989, by unknown, trans. by IED. Feb. 8, 1990, by unknown, trans. by RH. Not much Kate stuff for a "60s" magazine.

Smash Hits. May '80, by Deanne Pearson, trans. by RH, reprinted in LOVE.

Songwriter U.S.A. September/October 1985. See Keyboard 1985 article. Homeground 43 says this was September/October 1986.

Sounds. 1981?, by Mick Wall, trans. by Mark Katsouros.

Sunday Mirror. Oct. 23, '83, by Trudi Pacter, trans. by RH.

The Times. Aug. 27, '85, by Mike Nicholls, trans. by RH.

Tracks. Nov. '89, by John Aizlewood, trans. by Graig.

Trouser Press. July '78, by Jon Young, trans. by RH.

TV Week (Australia). Oct. 14, '78, by Unknown, trans. by James Smith.

You Magazine. Oct. 22, '89, by Lesley-Ann Jones, trans. by Neil.

Voc'l. Fall '83, by John Reimers, trans. by IED.

Wireless. Sept. '83, by Brian Berry, trans. by RH from a reprint in BREAKTHROUGH.

Women Of Rock. One issue magazine. 1984, by unknown, trans. by IED.

YTV. Canadian TV. 1989, by unknown, trans. by Tippi Chai.

ZigZag. 1980, by Kris Needs, trans. by IED. Jan. 82, by Kris Needs, trans. by IED. Nov. '85, by Kris Needs, trans. by IED.

Radio Interviews

BBC. Dec. 30 and 31, 1980. By Paul Gambaccini, trans. by IED.

BBC Japan trip coverage. '78, by Unknown, trans. by RR.

Birthday Interviews. July 30, '82, by Andy Peebles, trans. by RH. BBC1 July 29, '83., by Unknown, trans. by RH.

Classic Albums. Middle of 1991, played on Jan. 25, 1991, by Richard Skinner, trans. by RH.

CHEZ FM Dave Gilmour Interview (Canada). Date Unknown, by Greg Torrington, trans. by RH, from a reprint in BREAKTHROUGH 5.

Dreaming Debut interview. Radio 2. Sept. 13, '82, by Gloria Hunniford, tran. by RH.

Dreaming LP interview. Radio 1. Sept. 10, '82, by Dave Lee Travis, trans. by RH.

German Interview. C. 1980, by unknown, trans. by RH.

KFNX. Fall '89, by Bruce McDonald, trans. by Ed Suranyi.

Never For Ever debut. Radio 1. Oct. 11, '80, by Peter Powell, trans. by RH.

WNBR Cambridge Radio. Autumn 1985, by unknown, reprinted in CARIAD 9.

Radio One Interview. 1982, by David Jensen, trans. by RH.

Rock Over London. Early Dec. '85, by Paul Cooke, trans. by Ed Suranyi.

Roger Scott Interview. Oct. 14, 1989, trans. by Steve Wallis, Dave Osborne, and RH. Reprinted in KBC 23.

Greater London Radio Interview. Oct 12, '89, by Janice Long, trans. by IED from an edited reprint by Robert Brown in NEVER FOREVER #13.

Personal Call. BBC Radio Phone in show. Early '79, by Ed Stewart and Sue Cook, trans. by RH.

Public Radio. Oct. 10, '89, by Anthony DeCurtis, trans. by Dan Vanevic.

KDGE Dallas Interview. Jan. 7, 1990, by George Gimarc, trans. by Vishal Markandey.

Woman's Hour with Sue McGregor. BBC2. Feb. 21, '79, trans. by RH.


Ask Aspel. Children's Program. Sept. 78, trans. by RH, reprinted in CARIAD 9.

CNN. Nov. '85, by unknown, trans. by RH.

Countdown (Dutch TV). Fall '85. Trans. by RH.

Delia Smith's Cookery. 1980?, by Delia Smith, trans. by RH.

Friday Night and Saturday Morning. Nov. 21, '81, by Desmond Morris, trans. by RH.

Good Rockin Tonight. Nov. '85, by Nan Devitt, trans. by RH.

Japanese Song Festival. Jun '78, trans. by RH.

Kate Bush In Concert. German Documentary. April '80, by unknown, trans. by RH.

Kate Bush On Tour. Documentary, April 3, '79, by unknown, trans. by RH.

Looking Good, Feeling Fit. Aug. 6, '81, by Richard Stilgoe, trans. by RH.

Rapido. Oct 14, '89, trans. by Neil.

Live At Five. Nov. '85, by Sue Simmons, trans. by RH.

MTV. Nov. '85, by Unknown, trans. by RH. This is from the unedited tape of the interview, so it includes much that was never actually shown on MTV. Thanks to Ed Suranyi for provided me with this tape.

MTV-Europe. Oct. '89, by Pip Dann, trans. by Novald.

MTV "Post Modern". 1990, by unknown, trans. by Ed Suranyi.

Musical Chairs. Mar. 7, '79. Trans. by RH.

Much Music. Nov. '85, by Christopher Ward, trans. by RH. 1987, by Laurie Brown, trans. by Tippi Chai, reprinted in SB Vol. 2. No. 2.

Nationwide. April 25, '80, by Unknown, trans. by RH.

The New Music. March 15, 1985, by Daniel Richler, trans. by RH. Nov. 85, by Daniel Richler, trans. by RH.

Night Flight. Nov. 85, by unknown, trans. by RH. This is from the raw footage so it contains much that was never actually shown on the show.

The Old Grey Whistle Test. Aug. 17, '82, by Mark Ellin and David Hepworth, trans. by RH. Nov. '85, trans. by RH.

Pebble Mill at One. Oct. 8, '82, by Paul Gambaccini, trans. by RH.

Profile 6 (French TV). 1985, by Unknown, trans. by WOJ. Appears on Conversation Series 2 bootleg. Side 1. Reprinted in SB Vol 2. No. 1.

Profiles In Rock. Dec. '80, by Doug Pringle, trans. by RH.

Razzmatazz. July 14, '81, by unknown, trans. by RH.

Rockline (French TV). '85, by unknown, trans. by RH.

Russel Hardy Show. Nov. 25, '79, by Russel Hardy, trans. by RH.

Saturday Superstore. Oct. '82, by Mike Read, trans. by RH.

TisWis. Fall '78. Trans. by RH.

VH1. 1985, by unknown, trans. by Mike Portuesi. Issued on video in Britain and America as The Sensual World. The British version contains the whole interview while the American version only contains excerpts. (ARGH!) Reprinted in SB Vol 2. No. 3.

Promotional Materials

n I don't know of any list of promo material, so if anyone has anything not on this list, let me know!

EMI Music Talk. Promotional article. Early '78, by unknown, trans. by IED.

Self Portrait. C.1978, trans by WOJ. Reprinted in SB Vol 1. No. 3 and CARIAD 11, and on Self-Portrait bootleg.

Lionheart Promo Record (Canada). 1978. By unknown, trans. by RH.

Open Interview. C.1985. By Unknown, transcribed by WOJ. Reprinted in SB Vol 2. No. 1 and on Conversation Series 2 bootleg. Side 2.

Sensual World Promo Video. See VH1 special, above.

Computer Sources

THE GARDEN - This is Andrew Marvick and Co's book of reprinted and original articles. The original articles are included with most versions of Cloudbusting and the reprints of interviews were the source files of most of the interviews included here.

LOVE-HOUNDS - Love-Hounds is the international Kate Bush computer forum. Anyone interested in subscribing must have access to Internet, Bitnet, UUCP, CSNET or Janet and should send electronic mail to "LOVE- HOUNDS-REQUEST@EDDIE.MIT.EDU". Love Hounds is also available on the Usenet Netnews electronic bulletin board system as ""

Love-Hounds is the source of a rather unique interview conducted by the founder of Love-Hounds, Doug Allen, in 1985. The views expressed by Doug are not necessarily those of _Love-Hounds_ as a group. Doug has asked that a disclaimer be added, explaining that at the time of the interview he was "suffering from a severe hormonal imbalance, but that he's better now." Re-edited by Andrew Marvick.

THE BIG SKY BBS - This is a board dedicated mainly to Kate. It is run by Richard Caldwell and the number is 1-614-864-1198. Some versions of Cloudbusting will be available here.

GENIE - Commercial service with Kate section, which is refered to as KTGenie by it's members. The KTGenie section is in the Music BB, category 11 (ROCK - Album Rock And More), topic 2. To get there type "*entertain", then "set 11", then "rea 2 all"

Some versions of Cloudbusting are available in the Genie music library. To get to the music file library type M135;3.

Unknown Interviews

n Articles reprinted in fanzines, bootlegs, or books, without the original source credited. Some of these interviews are no doubt from the list of "needed" interviews below. Any further information is appreciated.

John Shearlaw interview. C.1980. Trans. by RH. Reprinted in LOVE.

Mike Nicolls interview. Fall 1981?, trans. by IED. Reprinted in LOVE. Listed in THE GARDEN as Fall 1981, but probably the Record Mirror. Sept. 6, '80, by Mike Nicolls as there is a listing in HOMEGROUNDS bibliography under the same name.

Bush-Whacked. C.1978 (Lionheart era). (CARIAD 8)

Call me sexy. I don't mind says Kate. April '79, by Garth Pearce

Kate hits the pop star Heights. 1978, reprinted in CARRIAD 1.

Wow!. C.1978. Trans. by RH, reprinted in CARRIAD 3.

Robin Smith. Aug. 14, '82, trans. by IED. Probably the Record Mirror interview, as it there is a listing in HOMEGROUNDS bibliography under that date.

Pat Thomas. 1982, trans. by IED.

A life in the day of Kate Bush. C.1980, by Daniela Soave, trans. by RH, reprinted in CARIAD 11.

Music is my life. With James Johnson. C.1978, reprinted in CARRIAD 12.

Dreaming era bootleg. 1982, by unknown, trans. by Steve Thomas, Jeffery Burka, IED, and RH.

Chris Heath interview, fall 1985, from THE GARDEN.

What Kate Bush Did Next. 1985, by unknown, trans. by IED. The first page of this is missing.

Hounds of Love era bootleg. Transcribed by Jeff Burka from limited edition CD picture interview disc CBAK 4011 on the Baktabak label. Proofread by Stephen Thomas. Reprinted in SB Vol 2. No. 1.

Hounds of Love interview. C.1985. By unknown, reprinted in SB Vol 1. No. 1.

The Kate Connection. C. 1983, by Abbey Sheffield, trans. by RH from BREAKTHOUGH 5. It was published without a source credit, so it might be original to Breakthrough or might not.

Missing Interviews

Following are lists of interviews that I do not have access to. Some of these are no doubt the same as the "unknown" interviews list above. Any help in obtaining these interviews, or more information, would be appreciated!

Missing Print Interviews

------------------------ THIS LIST IS SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED COMPLETE, ESPECIALLY BEFORE 1984. Use this list if you are looking for Kate Bush articles, like in a library, use the "have" list if you are looking through Kate Bush articles. It is based on the Medialog in Homeground (which I only have back to 1983) as well as the bibliography, which only goes up to 1983.

        "Birmingham Evening Mail, The".  Mar. 5 '79, by Unk'n. 
        "Blue Jeans".  Jan. 8, '83. 
        "Daily Express, The".  Apr. 18, '79. 
        "Daily Express, The".  Oct. 3, '80., by David Wigg. 
        "Daily Express, The".  Sept. 3, 82.  By A. Nightingale. 
        "Daily Express, The".  Sept. 20, '82. 
        "Daily Express, The".  Dec. 16, '86. 
        "Daily Mail, The".  Apr. 18, '79. 
        "Daily Mail, The".  Sept. 20, '82. 
        "Daily Mail, The".  Aug. 6, '85.  Half page interview. 
        "Daily Mirror, The".  Apr. 18, '79. 
        "Daily Mirror, The".  Sept. 20, '82. 
        "Daily Record, The".  Aug. 23, '82. 
        "Daily Star, The".  Apr. 18, '79. 
        "Daily Star, The".  Sept. 20, '82. 
        "Elle (France)".  Nov. 82.  1 page interview.
        "Electronic Soundmaker".  Oct. '83. 
        "Electronics and Music Maker".  Oct. '83.  I-V w/A. Powell
about Kate.. 
        "Evening Standard, The".  Sept. '80. 
        "Evening Standard, The".  Oct. 5, '80. 
        "Face and Figure".  Nov. '79, by Unkn. (I-V w/Kate's
        "Honey".  Oct. '79. 
        "Hot Press, The".  Sept. 5, '81, by N. Stokes. 
        "Hot Press, The" (Eire).  May '78, by Karl Tsigdinos. 
        "Hurricane".  Jan. 87.  5 1/2 page interview! 
        "International Musician and Recording World".  Nov. '80, by
Dave Lawrenson.  Oct '82. 
        "Jackie".  June 17, '78, by Unk'n. 
        "Jackie".  Jan. 22, '83, by Unk'n. 
        "Lean Living".  Oct/Nov. '86.  Kate on color cover with 2 p I-
        "Look Now".  Jan. '82. 
        "Ms. London."  Sept. 23, '85, by Mike Nicholls. 
        "New Musical Express".  Oct 17, '87.  PROBABLY NOT INTERVIEW!
        "New Sounds".  Jan. '83. 
        "New Zealand Listener".  Dec. 2, '78, by Daved Young. 
        "Newcastle Journal, The".  Jan. 16, '79. 
        "Observer Colour Supplement, The".  Dec. 31, '78, by Richard
        "PM" (US). June '83, by Unk'n. 
        "Poppix".  No. 10, Nov. 82. 
        "Practical Hi-Fi".  Nov. '82, by Unk'n. 
        "Pulse" (Journal of the B.M.A.).  I-V with Dr. Bush.  Sept. 12,
        "Ram" (Australia).  Nov. 17, '78, by Debbie Baer. 
        "Ram" (Australia).  Nov. 4. '80.  Homeground says "see MM Oct.
4" which probably means they are the same interview.  
	"Record Mirror".  Oct. 7, '78, by Tim Lott. 
        "Record Mirror".  Mar. 24, '79. 
        "Record Mirror".  Aug. 14, '82. 
        "Record Mirror".  Nov. 6, '82.  Text by Kate: "A Day in the
        "Ritz".  Sept. '78,  by Craig Brown. 
        "Rock Star News". No. 1.  Feb. '81. 
        "Rockbill" (US).  Feb. '83, by Unk'n. 
        "RTE Guide".  Apr. 7, '78, by Brendan Martin. 
        "Salut"  (France).  Nov. '82.  1 page interview. 
        "Smash Hits".  Dec. '27, '79, by Unk'n. 
        "Smash Hits".  Nov. 27, '80: Kate's top 10. 
        "Smash Hits".  Nov. 27, '80: Pamela Stephenson's impression of
        "Smash Hits".  July 23, '81, by Ian Birch. 
        "Smash Hits".  Aug. 19, '82. 
        "Smash Hits".  Aug. 14, '85.  Half-page strange interview.
        "Smash Hits".  Aug. 28, '85.  Good two-page color interview. 
        "Sound International".  Sept. '80, by R. Denyer. 
        "Sounds".  Mar. 11, '78, by Donna McAllister. 
        "Sounds".  Sept. 30, '78, by Peter Silverton. 
        "Sounds".  Aug. 30, by Phil Sutcliffe. 
        "Sounds".  Oct. 30, '82, by Unk'n. 
        "Star Shots".  No. 3. Sept. '81, by J.Dean. 
        "Starlight" (Eire).  May 15, '78, by Unk'n. 
        "Sun, The".  Sept. 22, '78, by Nina Myskow. 
        "Sun, The".  Apr. 18, '79. 
        "Sun, The".  Oct. 10, '80, by Nina Myskow. 
        "Sun, The".  Sept. 20, '82. 
        "Sunday Express Colour Supplement"  Oct. 22, '85. 
        "Sunday Magazine." Sept. 15, '85.  Full page color interview. 
        "Sunday Mirror, The".  Aug. 17, '80. 
        "Sunday Mirror, The".  Oct. 23, '83.  2/3 page interview and
        "Sunday Telegraph, The".  July 6, '80. 
        "Sunday Times, The".  Oct. 5, '80.  I have this but the bottom
line of each column is missing so it is incomplete. 
        "Sunday World, The" (Eire).  Mar. 22, '81. 
        "Superpop".  Feb. 10, '79, by Unk'n. 
        "Superpop".  Mar. 3, '79, by Unk'n. 
        "Superpop".  Sept. (DATE?), '89, by Unk'n. 
        "Tune-In (TV Times Extra)".  Dec. '78, by Jan Etherington. 
        "TV Guide" (Canada).  Aug. 6, '83. 
        "TV Scene" (Australia).  Oct. 9, 82. 
        "TV Times, The".  Sept. 18, '82. 
        "Vegetarian."  July '86.  Mentioned in HOMEGROUND 43
        "Video Review."  Feb. '84, Wuthering Kate Looking at the Future
         2 page interview feature on release of the new video. 
        "Video Times, The".  Nov. '82. 
        "Video World".  June '81, by Dave Lawrenson. 
        "Vogue".  Oct. 15, '78, by Unk'n. 
        "West Australian Magazine".  Dec. 9, '89, by Unk'n, 3 page
cover story.  Date may be wrong!
        "Woman's Way".  Feb. 11, '83. 

Missing Radio Interviews

This list is based on Homeground's "Media Log". I don't have access to the first five issues so this list does NOT include pre-1983 interviews, which are the most desirable. Also, several of these interviews are probably the same as the "unknown" interviews listed above.

		"BBC Radio 1"  Dec. 20, '83.  Newsbeat item + short interview
re Single File. 
		"Radio 1".  Aug. 10, '85.  Short phone interview by Richard
		"BBC Radio 1"  Feb. 10, '87.  Interviews recorded at previous
days	BPI Awards including Kate. 
		"BBC Radio 2"  Dec. 20, '83.  30 minute interview re Single
		"BBC Radio 4"  Jan. 9, '84.  Who Needs A Voice?  Kate
interviewed about her use of vocal sounds. 
		"Capital Radio."  Dec. 21, '83.  Rodger Scott prog. 30 minute
interview re Single File. 
		"Capital Radio."  Oct. 24, '85.  Two hour session with Kid
Jensen.   This is from the Medialog in Homeground 21, the interview may
not exist.
		"Capital Radio."  Oct. 24, '85.  brief interview with Gary
		"Capital Radio 5/8."  C. 1985.  short telephone interview. 
		"Electronic Sound Maker (??)"  Aug. '83. 
		"France-Inter" (France).  Nov. 28, '82.  60 minute interview.
		"The Prem: Rockbill"  US.  Feb. '83. 
		"Saturday Live."  Radio 1.  Aug. 25, '85.  60 minute feature
		"Invicta Radio.  (Kent Comercial Station).  July 19+26, Sept.
		'87.  "In Other Words Kate Bush" a programme in four parts,
with interview from people associated with Kate, and bits of old 	
interviews with Kate 
        "Kate Bush The Whole Story".  LBC (London Commercial).  Dec.
'87.   "Homeground" says: "Good 45 min. bio sketch by Kerry Juby from
his 'In Other Words' material, with additional interview material from
Kate'.  I don't know if this contains original material, but have
included it in case it does. 
         "Shop Assistance".  July 30, '88.  Interview about charity

missing television interviews

This list is based on the comprehensive list of Kate videos included in "The Garden", so it is probably fairly complete. In bold is Andrew Marvick's comments of the interviews.

        Eight o'clock news report, on La Cinq (French TV).  Apr. 10,

I DON'T HAVE THIS, BUT I THINK THIS IS THE I-V WHERE KATE MENTIONS HER PLANS TO PRODUCE ALAIN STIVELL TRACKS. "France Inter". Date Unknown, may be a radio I-V and may be the same as the "Profile 6" interview. I HAVE "PROFILE 6", WHICH DATES FROM FALL '85. "The Late, Late Show". Mar. 25, '78. Not known if I-V is included. I DON'T HAVE THIS. "Music Box". Circa 1985-86. I DON'T HAVE THIS, UNLESS (AS IS POSSIBLE) IT IS THE SAME AS THE "ROCKLINE" INTERVIEW BELOW. "Prisoner of Conscience". Dec. 6, '89. 2 short spots for Amnesty Int. I DON'T HAVE THESE. "Rough Guide To Europe". Aug. 22, '88. I DON'T HAVE THESE. "Tonight" (BBC current affairs program). Mar. 16, '78. I DON'T HAVE THIS. "Voor de Vuist Weg" (Dutch TV show). Not known whether includes I-V. I DON'T HAVE THIS. I ASKED PETER ABOUT IT SPECIFICALLY (SINCE HIS IS THE ONLY SOURCE FOR THE LISTING), AND HE COULDN'T REMEMBER IT OFF-HAND AT ALL.

Missing Promotional Material

If anyone has any additional PROMO material that I don't know about, please let me know!

Experiment IV press release. Mentioned in Homeground 43.

Versions Of Cloudbusting

I am attempting to make Cloudbusting available in as many different computer versions as possible. I would appreciate it if you could get it through the Love-Hounds or other networks, and if you could spread it around as much as possible so that I don't have to make copies.


PRINTED - I regret that I cannot normally make printed copies, due to the size and mailing expenses. Now is the time to buddy up to that computer nerd and have him print out one of the computer versions.

Rather than using a standard three ring binder, you may want to consider using a three-ring binder from a photo album. These are normally quite nicer. I use one from Price Club (item #4923) and it works out nicely. Also photocopies (hopefully color) and other photos in between the pages help break up the text and make it look more like a "real" book.

TEX - A version for the TEX program may become available on Love- Hounds.

AMIGA - This is the main version as it is the computer I have. It features fully integrated sound and pictures. All files are compressed, but can be used without manually un-compressing them, and can be easily un-compressed to print nicely or to transfer to another format.

TEXT - Just the text files, and separate GIF files. Takes up more disks since these are not compressed, but can be easily transferred to any computer. If you have the AMIGA version, you can create just the text. If you have the IBM version, you can create this simply be de- compressing the files.

WORDPERFECT 4.2 - The master files, includes underlining, which the text versions doesn't. It is available on Love-Hounds in IBM WORDPERFECT 4.2 format, which loads right into IBM WORDPERFECT 4.2, 5.0, 5.1, and any later versions. It can also be loaded into the Amiga and presumably other computer versions using the IMPORT command (CTRL- F5)

POSTSCRIPT - A postscript version may become available on Love- Hounds.

IBM - I may not ever make this version. This would be set up for use on two or three 3 inch 720k disks, but can be easily copied to larger storage drives or can fairly easily be copied down to 5 inch 360k disks. Includes integrated text, pictures, and sampled sound on ANY IBM compatible.

MAC - I may not end up making this version. This version will either consist of separate text, picture, and sound files, or an integrated version using HYPERCARD 2.0. I can run and create MAC programs on my Amiga, but I don't have a disk drive so I cannot make copies of them, except through the modem.

ATARI ST - Use the text version or WORDPERFECT version.

OTHER COMPUTERS - Suggest you download the TEXT version, or WORDPERFECT version, if your computer has Wordperfect.


I can be reached on Love-Hounds or at the address below. If you have any sources that you feel should be included you can send me a copy or just the individual quote and source and where you think it should go. Of course, if you already have them in computer form, that is preferred. Since this is being distributed mainly in computer form, there is no reason why there shouldn't be new editions when I get new quotes or to fix mistakes. I am sure there are many mistakes so please be kind to them. If you REALLY like this please DON'T be compelled to send money (though I accept gifts!) as I don't really want to profit off this as these are really Kate's words.

Ronald S. Hill

550 Oxford Street Apt 639

Chula Vista, CA 91911

1-619-426-8939 (VOICE ONLY)




Cloudbusting was made possible, or at least much easier, by many people who contributed generously:

Andrew Marvick
Who created and provided The Garden files, which saved me countless hours of typing and enhance the full disk versions greatly. He also helped me obtain many of the radio and television interviews.
Ray Russell
Who provided early support for the project, let me borrow (for a LONG time) much of his Kate stuff, and helped with many ideas.
Jorn Barger
Who helped edit Edition 2.
Ed Suranyi
Who provided me with many interviews.
Don Provancer
Who, despite not even being a Kate fan, spent hours scanning many of the included photos.
Chris and Vickie
Who supplied many of the television interviews.
Jackie Zuccuni
Who supplied four interviews from BREATHTHOUGH.
Ken Bookstein
Who let me borrow his sound digitizer.
Larry Yaeger
Who creates the Postscript version,
Ken SaintJohn
Who provided many of the photos included here.
Clive Backman
Who provided me the great Classic Albums interview.
Charlie Distefino
Who let me use his photo digitizer.
Rick Thompson
Who provided much advice on IBM matters.
Larry and Claudia Carlson
Who provided much advice on MAC matters.

And all the Love-Hounds and WarmRoomers!!!!

Thanks also to all the people who originally typed in the interviews, see above.

Photo Credits

The pictures were all designed by Ron Hill using photos digitized by either Ron Hill and Don Provancer (RH + DP), Ron Hill using Charlie Distefino's equipment (RH), by Ken Saint John (KS), or by WOJ. The photos are usually taken by John Carter Bush, unless noted otherwise.

The pictures are all 640x400 16 color GIF files. The album cover pictures are divided into three groups, the "original" covers (filenames begin with "O"), the "alternative" covers (featuring alternative shots, filenames begin with "A"), and the "full" covers (unedited cover shots, filenames begin with "F").

To view these GIFs you will need a program for your type of computer. Public domain picture file viewers include CSHOW and PICEM for the IBM, TURBOGIF and HAMGIF for the Amiga, and Giffer or QuickGif for the Macintosh.

Title Pictures

Cloudbusting cover picture [CTITLE.GIF] - Digitized by RH + DP

Large Cloudbusting cover picture [CTITLEB.GIF] [704x480] - by RH + DP

Credits picture [CREDITS.GIF] - Photo by RH, digitized by RH + DP

Disk labels [CLABEL.GIF] - Digitized by RH + DP

Black and White disk labels [CLABELBW.GIF]- Digitized by RH + DP

The Garden cover [GARDEN.GIF] - Digitized by KS

Story Picture

Picture is 640x400, 256 color, name CSTORY.GIF. Pictures described from left to right, top to bottom.

	Farm sign - Taken by RH, digitized by RH + DP
	Farm - Taken by, digitized by RH + DP
	Cathy photo - Digitized by KS
	Cathy photo - Digitized by KS
	Leather jacket - Digitized by KS
	White top - Digitized by KS
	Pink top - Digitized by KS
	Army Dreamers - Digitized by KS
	Pillbox Hat - Digitized by KS
	Cloudbuster - Digitized by KS 
	Love and Anger - Digitized by KS
	Kate con. - Taken by RH, digitized by RH + DP

Subjects Picture

Picture is 16 grey scales, 640x400, filename CSUBJECT.GIF. Photos are described left to right, top to bottom.

	Videos - Digitized by WOJ
	Dancing - Digitized by WOJ
	Songwriting - Digitized by KS
	Peter Gabriel - Digitized by KS
	KT Symbols - By KS
	Touring - Digitized by WOJ
	Hannah Bush - Digitized by KS
	Jay Bush - Digitized by KS
	Paddy Bush - Digitized by WOJ
	Del Palmer - Digitized by WOJ


Lionheart [OLION.GIF] - Digitized by RH + DP  
Never Forever [ONEVER.GIF] - Digitized by RH + DP  
The Dreaming [ODREAM.GIF + ODREAMBW.GIF] - Digitized by RH + DP
Hounds Of Love [OHOUND.GIF] - Digitized by RH + DP 
The Ninth Wave [ONINTH.GIF] - Digitized by RH + DP 
The Whole Story [OWHOLE.GIF] - Digitized by RH + DP 
The Sensual World [OSENSUAL.GIF] - Digitized by RH + DP

Alternative Album Cover

The Kick Inside [AKICK.GIF] - Digitized by RH + DP 
Lionheart [ALION.GIF] - Digitized by RH + CD
The Dreaming [ADREAM.GIF] - Digitized by KS
The Sensual World [ASENSUAL.GIF] - Digitized by WOJ

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