Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


Often when one becomes interested in a new artist it is difficult to find accurate information about them or their music. You have to wade through many articles and books full of other people's interpretations, which are often written by people who don't particulary care about that artist. This is something that Kate Bush often complains about. This is an attempt to gather some of the most important statements made by Kate and let her words speak for herself. Diehard Kate fans will be familiar with many of the quotes here, but even they may find it revealing to see many of Kate's comments on a subject grouped together. It is my hope that this document will help ``bust through the clouds'' created by others and lead to a greater understanding of Kate and her music.

Each quote from Kate is followed by the year of the quote (to give perspective) and then by the name and date of the magazine, television, or radio show where the quote was made. The sources of quotes are listed in the Part IV: Sources. Some of the quotes are from books which themselves quote other sources without giving credit. In these and other cases where the year in not known to me, the year is given as `????'. If the date is an educated guess, it is given as ``C.Date''. When a line is printed in bold (or capital letters on ASCII text versions), this is either a question asked of Kate or a comment to explain the circumstances of the quote. Text [like this] is a comment from myself or Andrew Marvick (IED). Kate's song titles are in quotation marks and italicised. Quotes that are new to this version have a at the beginning of the line.

Some of the quotes are imcomplete, usually due to a word not being audible in a television or radio interview. These quotes are marked [??? inaudible] or [??? best guess of words].

Even though these are all Kate's words, it is important to note that, like everybody else, sometimes her feelings change, and that sometimes she says things she didn't really mean. Looking at some of the entries you can see her opinions shift over the years, so it's important to keep in mind the year of the quote. Also, since the quotes are rearranged into a different format from when they were originally spoken, it is possible that something might be slightly out of context. I have done my best to prevent this, sometimes at the cost of making the quotes repetitive. Also note that, though these are all Kate's words, this is in no way to be considered an official or sanctioned document.

I have also included a few quotes from people very close to Kate's. These are usually given only when they touch upon a subject that Kate herself has not touched on and more detailed quotes can be found in back issues of the Kate Bush Club, which are reprinted in The Garden.

The first Part is dedicated to Kate's music. This is, of course, the most important part, as we know her through her music. The second Part is dedicated to Kate's Story, and the third Part is dedicated to miscellaneous Subjects, such as people, places, things, ideas, etc.

``I think quotes are very dangerous things'' - Kate Bush

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