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WBCN sux; sugarcubes nonevent

Date: Mon, 25 Jul 88 17:09:50 EDT
Subject: WBCN sux; sugarcubes nonevent

   The sugarcubes (an exciting new hardedged neopsychedelic band from
Iceland, for those not in the know) are playing the second of five
North American dates in Boston on Friday. The concert will be at Axis,
but if you are just hearing about it now, you are not going.

   This is because WBCN cut a deal with the record company and obtained
ALL the tickets, which were given away in 400 pairs to WBCN listeners
last night. If you didn't listen to the radio last week, you didn't
know this was going to happen, and you were, in a word, screwed.

   This is what happened to me, and boy am I angry. Angry enough to
drive to NYC on Thursday for their concert there? You bet. But CERTAINLY
I am angry enough to make angry phone calls and write angry letters
to WBCN and local papers. Anyone else who holds the same opinion as
me (and the club, by the way) and thinks this was a lousy thing to 
do should do the same.

   If anyone happened to pick up a pair last night, and doesn't know
whom to take, or doesn't (gasp) want to go at all, will find a ready
buyer in me.

   Five shopping days left before Katemas. Don't feel you HAVE to
send RSVP's or anything, but I did appreciate those I have received
so far. Nice to know someone is coming...