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Cloudbusting EP

From: Laura Frank Clifford <lcliffor@bbnccm.ARPA>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 85 15:39:03 EST
Subject: Cloudbusting EP

Finally got this for Christmas - WOW, I'm impressed.  "My Lagan Love" just
sends chills up the spine.

I really like the cover photography, which I assume is from the "Cloudbusting"
video -- has anyone seen this yet on MTV or V66?  If so, when's a good time
to catch it?  Do they announce when they're airing it, as they did for
Bowie's 20-minute "Blue Jean"?

Oh yuh - my "Cloudbusting" EP is double labelled on one side - isn't this a
collector's item?

Laura Clifford