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Kate, Debbie, and James Bond

From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 85 00:54:48 est
Subject: Kate, Debbie, and James Bond

Later in that same interview....

	SPIN: "For Yours Eyes Only".

	DEBBIE: That was supposed to be the theme from the James Bond
	movie.  We thought they wanted us to write one.  Actually, it
	turned out that they already had a song they wanted me to sing.
	Kate Bush did it.  [Hummmmph!!!  -Doug] Oh, no.  It was Sheena

Kate was asked to sing the title song to "Moonraker", but turned it down
saying that she didn't think she could do a good job.  Maybe Debbie and
Kate should form a club for singers who have turned down the opportunity
to sing a James Bond title song....

		"Ooh, James, are you selling your soul
		 To a cold gun?"