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Roy Harper, Pete Townsend, and David Gilmour

From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 85 22:23:38 est
Subject: Roy Harper, Pete Townsend, and David Gilmour

Here's the whole story behind the "Hope"/"White City Fighting"
similarities.  This is taken from an article by Andy Mabbett in "The
Amazing Pudding", a Pink Floyd fanzine:

	Mr G. returns to play lead on the title track, a song which he
	co-wrote called "White City Fighting".  This song has quite a
	history.  For those of you who haven't been paying attention,
	Dave wrote this music for "About Face", but had no lyrics for
	it.  He sent it to Pete, who wrote these lyrics for it.  Dave
	didn't think the lyrics applied to him (they tell the tale of a
	star's rise from "rags to riches").  Roy Harper heard the tune
	and wrote different lyrics, which Dave also rejected as
	inappropriate.  (This time it's a message to future
	generations).  Roy used the tune with his lyrics, as "Hope" on
	his "Whatever Happened to Jugula?" album.  Dave is uncredited on
	this & Roy's son plays a guitar that sounds more like Gilmour's
	than Gilmour's does.

	Pete then decided to use his version for this project and asked
	Dave to play on it -- hence his involvement here.

	Roy's "Hope" is slower, with more echo on the guitar and a laid
	back Harper vocal which reaches deep inside the listener.

	Pete's interpretation, faster and with a clearer guitar sound,
	has its lyrics sung in a much more aggressive fashion.  It's
	ironic that one is looking forwards and the other looking back.

	I can't choose between the two -- each has its own attraction
	and it's great to hear them back to back.  This recording
	featuring Dave & possible Pino, is presumably closer to the
	original, but I'd love to hear it and see.

I haven't heard "White City Fighting", but since Roy's "Hope" is close
to perfection, I truly doubt that "White city Fighting" can be as good.

			"That we both may share
			 The hope in hearing
			 That we're not just
			 Spirits disappearing"