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Greek and Czechoslovakian/Russian influences in "The Ninth Wave"

From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 85 21:08:19 est
Subject: Greek and Czechoslovakian/Russian influences in "The Ninth Wave"

> [Steve Tynor:] Now, can anyone provide a translation of the men's
> chorus lines?  I've heard several of you refer to it as 'greek
> chorus'.  Why?

I wish I knew what they were singing too.  It might just be sounds.  In
any case, I called the chorus "Greek" because Kate said in her
newsletter, a long time before the album actually came out, that there
was music on the album that was inspired by a Greek ritual ceremony.
The chorus was the only music that sounded Greek to me.  That chorus, as
we now know, was actually inspired by music from Werner Hertzog's movie
"Nosferatu", and is actually, acording to Kate, some sort of Russian or
Czechoslovakian traditional music.

The music from the Greek ritual ceremony actually appears in "The Ninth
Wave" as the rhythm to "The Jig Of Life".

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