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Hat with tassle?

From: H. Chai <utflis!allegra!ihnp4!utcsri!chai>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 85 17:30:06 est
Subject: Hat with tassle?

>From:     Susanne E Trowbridge <ins_aset@jhunix>
>In the latest SPIN magazine, "HOL" is their Platter du Jour (best of the
>month, I guess).  The review is rather simplistic but there's a nice pic
>of KB in a weird little hat with a tassel...

In this month's _Wilson_Library_Bulletin_, the same pix appeared in their
recording review section.  This section is penned by Bruce Pollock,
editor of the mag _Guitar_.  He has this to say bout KB:

"Kate Bush, the eternal English schoolgirl as temptress, continues her
bewitching mastery of music's sensual side in an extended mood piece
as elusive as emotion.  Luckily most of Kate's work has been free of
exposure on MTV."

The September issue features Suzanne Vega.  He sez:

"Mixed with memorable and eminently repeatable melodies, her urban vignettes
are constructed with care and cut deep, as opposed to the overly arch and 
confessional works of the early Mitchel, of the folk period in general.
Not especially confessional, her songs nevertheless spring to life full of 
pictures, twists of phrase and melody line."

He also mentions that SV has "at least half a dozen cuts premiered" in the
_Fast Folk Musical Magazine_.  This is an album/newsletter which features
"the country's next wave of folk artists on record each month."  I don't
suppose there are a lot of folk music fans on the love-hounds list, but if
you're interested write

Jack Hardy
178 W. Houston St.
NY, NY 10014

-- henry