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Dead Kennedys/STD/Mighty Sphincter

From: "James J. Lippard" <Lippard@HIS-PHOENIX-MULTICS.ARPA>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 85 23:49 MST
Subject: Dead Kennedys/STD/Mighty Sphincter
Reply-To: Lippard@MIT-MULTICS.ARPA

Today it snowed in Phoenix for the first time since 1939.  The weather
was cold, windy, and rainy all day and most of the night.  That's
important for what I describe later.

The show was held at the Party Gardens, which used to be Madame
Toussad's Royal London Wax Museum.  All that's left of the wax museum
stuff is a little carousel with horses which used to have wax figures of
Goldie Hawn and some other movie stars on it.  This is near the back of
a pretty large room, a stage was built in the front.

Since STD didn't show up (they were arrested in New Orleans while en
route to Phoenix), the show was opened up by a folk singer who sounded a
lot like Bob Dylan.  I didn't catch his name.  Surprisingly, nobody
booed him or anything, and he got applause and whistles.

Mighty Sphincter was pretty bad, the most entertaining things they did
were play the theme from the TV show "The Munsters" and have a shouting
match with some girl in the audience.  They came up with an impromptu
song for her benefit, called "suck my dog's weenie" (that being the full
lyrical content).

Then, after a fairly long delay, somebody from the Party Gardens came on
and said that the contract with the DKs said they were supposed to play
outside (the Party Gardens has a large grassy area out back) and that
Jello refused to sing unless everything was moved out there.  He then
asked people to please go out quickly and not make a fuss.  I was
surprised at how many people actually did, given the weather conditions
I mentioned above.  After a bunch of people went out, the band came on
and began playing (and then the people realized they'd been had and came

The DKs put on a really good show, a lot like the ones described here
earlier.  Jello did make a number of local comments, like talking about
apartheid in Arizona--the indian reservations--when he did his spiel on
"USA for South Africa".  I was pretty impressed, this was the first time
I'd seen them.  They've been in Phoenix a couple times before, and I was
going to go the last time, but the show was postponed due to Jello's
laryngitis and I couldn't make it to the rescheduled shows.

   Jim (Lippard at MIT-MULTICS.ARPA)