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Jesus and the Mary Chain, etc.

From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 85 18:44:26 est
Subject: Jesus and the Mary Chain, etc.

I'm not sure what the big deal about Jesus and the Mary Chain is either.
I haven't heard much of their stuff, but everything I have heard of
theirs sounds like a normal 60's pop song with feedback and the sound of
a blender added.  Gee, even I could take a 60's pop song and add a
blender.  I hear that recently they've gotten rid of the blender.  So
what's left of interest?  Then again, like I said, I haven't heard much
of their stuff, so maybe I'm just missing something.

I saw one of their videos when I was in England, on one of these video
jukeboxes they have in pubs there.  It wasn't very exciting.  A video
called "Legs" by Art Of Noise was really neat, however.  Mostly, though,
I was there to watch the video for "Cloudbusting" three or four
times....  Now that is awesome!  Anyone seen it on Empty-V yet?


P.S.  I went to EMI in London and they gave me a promo video for
Cloudbusting, but I can't watch it because I don't have a PAL VCR.
Maybe someday.....