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volcano suns, city paper, jesus and mary chain

From: Tim Wicinski <>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 85 17:19:01 est
Subject: volcano suns, city paper, jesus and mary chain

saw volcano suns last nite. talk about good a good band, these guys could
play. they didn't come until late due to the first band, skinny puppy.
They were another Bauhaus clones/depression from a bottle of valium band.
Everyone (including the Suns) were unimpressed.  

Susan, I searched the City Paper looking for your article, but found
your name nowhere. Is this because the Baltimore CP is different ??
Please explain. 

If JaMC are anything like skinny puppy, I'll thnk I'll pass people.
I have a radio show to do at 3am. I enjoy my sleep !!!

Think of a Burma-esque version of "1999" ....Volcano Suns encore !!!

I would post a review of the show, but certain geek-oids at amsaa (to
remain shamelessly nameless) would be offended by it. Therefore for
a review of the show check out your nearest food co-op.